Kitchen Design 2024 l Top 15 Useful Tips for Your Interior

Kitchen design 2024 suggests starting the planning of your kitchen with your own idea of the ideal kitchen. It is, of course, preferable if you further consult it with designers and find suitable solutions.

Any comfortable kitchen starts with design and zoning.

Kitchen Design 2024: Top 15 Useful Tips for Your Interior

To fully reveal the theme of arranging a cozy kitchen, one of the main conditions is ergonomics.

Namely, where and what should be located in the setting. After all, you can make it seem, at first glance, beautiful, but using such a kitchen will be inconvenient.

Kitchen Design 2024: Top 15 Useful Tips for Your Interior

Conventionally, all kitchen furniture can be divided into five blocks:

  • storage;
  • cutlery and crockery;
  • sink and dishwasher;
  • preparation area or work area;
  • cooking food.

Kitchen Design 2024։ Storage

There is a refrigerator in the storage unit. A box with dry bulk products and canned food can still be adjacent to it.

Cutlery, dishes

The place where cutlery, glasses, plates are stored must be placed so that when opening cabinets and drawers, nothing and no one is hurt. The kitchen is a fairly crowded place. The family loves to cook together, so the place to open the doors must be considered.

Kitchen Design 2024: Top 15 Useful Tips for Your Interior

Lower blocks with plates, pots, and other utensils are best done in drawers.

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This is very convenient, since if the lower unit has a swing door. In this case, you will not have access to the objects that are located at the back wall. You will have to take out what is in front, in a half-squat, squatting on your knees.

Dishwasher, washing

This is a separate block. Do not forget: for the products to be conveniently washed, they need to be put somewhere.

Kitchen Design 2024: Top 15 Useful Tips for Your Interior

To do this, provide a part of the countertop. Therefore, the sink cannot be adjacent to the refrigerator.

Work zone

The preparation area is one of the most important in the kitchen. This is where we cut and prepare food.

Cooking area

Block with a hob and a pencil case for an oven. It is also advisable to leave a section of the countertop near the hob; on which you can put pots with the finished dish.

If you like a stove, the oven can be conveniently placed in a separate cabinet.

Kitchen Design 2024: Top 15 Useful Tips for Your Interior

The Kitchen Triangle Rule

Let’s rewind and re-imagine that you wanted to, for example, make soup. We take food from the refrigerator, put it on the countertop next to it. Then we wash and put in a saucepan.

This is how the zones should be located one after another. This is the Kitchen Triangle rule. That is, the distance between three points should be equal, from 1 to 2.5 meters.

Kitchen Design 2024: Top 15 Useful Tips for Your Interior

Failure to comply with and incorrect location of these zones entails kilometers of extra mileage in the kitchen. You will encounter loved ones while cooking.

Happy planning and a comfortable kitchen for you!

Kitchen-Dining Room Combination as Kitchen Design 2024

A kitchen combined with a dining room is from the most popular kitchen design trends 2024. It is a common technique in private houses, but as kitchen design 2024 designers also use it in small apartments.

It helps to make more rational use of space, creates an additional place for meetings with friends or a family dinner.

You can correctly draw up a design project for a kitchen-dining room yourself if you know a few rules.

But first, you need to figure out how much this is your option.


  • Increased space. Avoiding unnecessary walls along with the right design, furniture, textures and lighting will help you achieve this.
  • The hostess communicates with the family while cooking.
  • Savings on an extra TV or dining table.


  • Food odors spreading outside the kitchen. But this problem can be solved by installing a good, expensive hood.
  • Sounds of a working refrigerator, mixer, blender, microwave, etc. Therefore, choose a “quiet” technique.
  • Lack of space for privacy, relaxation, if you donated a living room to create a kitchen-dining room.

Kitchen Ideas 2024: Kitchen – Living Room

This is a trend in modern kitchen design 2024. This option can be seen not only in studio apartments. The two rooms are increasingly being connected.

So, visually the apartment becomes more spacious without losing any amenities.

Kitchen Design 2024: Top 15 Useful Tips for Your Interior

On the contrary, the kitchen-living room in the house is more comfortable than separate rooms.

In the kitchen-living room project, the two rooms are combined into one and there is no point in highlighting something. On the contrary, the new room should look like an organic space.

Therefore, a single finish, palette, style for the kitchen, and living room are chosen. A big design mistake is to make different flooring.

Lighting as Kitchen Decor 2024

The function of kitchen lighting is to provide safety. It must be remembered that the kitchen area is a workspace. When preparing food, it is important to assess the condition of the food and dish.

The most important indicator of lighting in a kitchen is brightness. In relation to the rest of the premises in this zone, this indicator is maximum.

To achieve sufficient illumination of the working surface, it is recommended, in addition to the main lighting, to install additional spotlights or backlights directly above this zone. This technique will reduce the resources spent on the overhead light.

Kitchen Design 2024: Top 15 Useful Tips for Your Interior

A cool shade of light sources with color temperature is best suited for the work area.

It is worth remembering that the kitchen often plays, in addition to its main role, the role of a dining room for the whole family. In this case, it is impossible to reduce the brightness of the general lighting. So, the color rendering of the bulbs should be high so as not to spoil the feeling of eating.


  • Luminous flux from the luminaire from top to bottom.
  • Direct or diffused light.
  • Localization on the work surface or kitchen table.
  • Natural lighting based on the available possibilities.

Copper Lamps in Kitchen Design 2024

Copper fittings for lamps in the kitchen interior may seem old-fashioned, but fashion is a fickle thing. No one particularly expected a return to the world of fashion, even a brass frame, especially a copper one.

However, firstly, copper never went out of style completely. In the creation of a traditional kitchen interior, there are always copper elements. They are as an echo of the chic French designs of the past decades.

Secondly, copper is great for experimenting in kitchen design: mix directions and add a little chic to your project! Nevertheless, do not forget about the practical side of the issue.

Kitchen Design 2024: Top 15 Useful Tips for Your Interior

Copper elements in lamps can become the main detail of the entire interior as a whole. Such models are convenient to use in designs that involve a mixture of several styles – from Classics to Provence.

A similar color of the lamp, as it were, transports the visitor several tens, or even hundreds of years ago. This undoubtedly has a beneficial effect on the atmosphere of the room as a whole.

A notable quality of the copper fixture is also the way it contrasts with the white elements of the room.

Modern Style Kitchen Ideas 2024

Interior design in a modern style assumes compliance with fashion trends. Among the basic principles of a fashionable project are not only a beautiful interior but also functionality combined with innovative technological solutions.

Modern hoods save kitchen space and are built into the hob or countertop. The system can be easily raised and lowered when not needed.

Kitchen Design 2024: Top 15 Useful Tips for Your Interior

  • Ceiling mounted cabinets increase storage space and stretch out space. But among the trends is the rejection of wall blocks. The interior design of beautiful and trendy modern kitchens involves island and ceiling storage systems. The island becomes a full-fledged work area or replaces the dining table. Cabinets, fixed above the island, allow storing essentials on the lower shelves, and festive dishes, which are rarely obtained, on the upper ones.
  • Kitchen cabinets of modern furniture brands surprise with their functional content. Dividers, drawers of various shapes and sizes make it possible to place kitchen utensils, food, dishes, inventory. Another nuance is the lack of handles. They are replaced by small figured holes, elongated doors, or special devices.

Kitchen Design 2024 Top 15 Useful Tips for Your Interior

  • The novelty of the season is the doors of the pencil cases, which, after opening, are recessed deep into the headset. The technology was developed for a kitchen combined with a living room.
  • The working area is closed with a decorative facade that matches the style. Doors are also designed to mask built-in appliances.
  • Design developments have also touched tables. Solid countertops are out of date, the modern alternative is slim, elegant countertops. Technological innovations allow adjusting the table height at the push of a button.
  • An interesting idea for small kitchens: after use, the hob is closed with a beautiful fold-down worktop with a wood texture.
  • Along with classic materials (marble, wood), unexpected options from steel and concrete are used for the countertop.
  • Eco-friendly quartz also finds use. It resembles granite, is not afraid of moisture and scratches, and prevents the growth of bacteria.
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Kitchen Design 2024 l Top 15 Useful Tips for Your Interior
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