Kitchen interior design: Art Deco kitchen

Art Deco design is characterized by dearness of materials, comfort and unrestrained magnificence. Exactly in this style are decorated most of luxury hotels rooms around the world. Plenty of light, variety of decorations and inclusion of ethnic motifs make Art Deco style truly beautiful and unique. Today we will discuss «kitchen interior design: Art Deco kitchen».



Antiques and expensive materials in Art Deco kitchen

The originality of Art Deco design consists in use of expensive elements in interior design. Antique furniture, unique paintings, wallpaper and decor are individually on order. Each project in Art Deco design is different from all others. Art Deco style would be most appropriate for lovers of exclusive and piece work.

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Space zoning will be perfect solution for Art Deco kitchen. Working part of kitchen design should be equipped with friendly not bulky furniture, stylish and modern appliances and functional stands and hangers. Dining area of kitchen decor can be designed like in luxury restaurant. Elegant tables and chairs, unique mural, precious chandeliers and original lamps will emphasize kitchen interior design. Art Deco kitchen is characterized by use of expensive varieties of wood, glossy surfaces and natural leather.


Color accents and geometry shapes in Art Deco kitchen

White and black contrasting combination is frequently used in Art Deco kitchen. Sometimes usage of dark shades as brown, chocolate, dark gray is possible. This furnishing style almost never diluted by bright spots. More muted tones like pastels and gold elements could be occasionally used. Walls and floor in kitchen decor should be done striped or like chessboard. Alternation of colors is very common in Art Deco style.

Geometric shapes and surfaces at different height are also feature of art deco kitchen decor. Decoration system in rungs is very original approach. Different floor levels and ceiling will create an unusual space in kitchen interior design, which will never bore you. For the dining area, you can create a separate small podium in kitchen decor.

Art Deco design loves presence of solar motives, rays, circles, horizontal and vertical stripes. Striped curtains, murals and rugs imitating zebra skin, round mirror in unusual framework will finish kitchen interior design. Here, you can use leather-bound kitchen furniture or fabric with overflow pleasant to touch.




Lacquered flooring or tile, ornamented under furniture will perfectly complement unusual atmosphere. Antique furniture re-lacquered to impart desired high-gloss shine.





Remember that Art Deco kitchen doesn’t accept cheap elements. By choosing this kitchen design, be prepared to spend a lot. But reasonable approach to design and planning will bring a unique result. Your kitchen will transform into true art work.

This was our touch on « kitchen interior design: Art Deco kitchen», we hope it helped.

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Kitchen interior design: Art Deco kitchen
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