Kitchen island ideas 2017


The modern kitchen has to meet two basic criteria – be economical and comfortable. It is, essentially, workplace for hostess and needs to be planed focusing on usability. In this article will talk about kitchen island ideas 2017. Let’s look through the most compact and unusual solutions:


#1  Kitchen Island designs

May look like a tiny baby and require minimal space, but being comfortable will complement the kitchen, which can be approached from all sides.

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If the visual space will not prevent the kitchen, such movable kitchen island can look like a mini stand with an open bottom part. Or even have mobile features – move on rollers in a convenient place for the hostess.


#2  two-level Kitchen Island

Showy and convenient in practice decision is making two-level Kitchen Island, located on the lower level additional working area, and bar counter on the upper part.


#3 small kitchen island

An interesting solution for small kitchen island is location sink for dishwashing on it. Just want to warn those who like this solution: floor will have to be raised slightly. This is due to the necessity of laying communications – water and sewerage.


Pretty rare bar counter becomes the sole purpose for kitchen island․ However, sometimes they do so. Several open compartments for storage in the form of shelves more often are placed there.


Stove is very often in the small kitchen island. If the cooker is electric (regular or inductive), it is necessary to install a special socket, summing up to the place of the alleged location for kitchen island equipped with a stove.


As much as it may sound standard, but when you order the furniture for small kitchen refuse too dark and saturated bright colors. We think that recalling about that once again can not hurt, because the dark tiny kitchen still found with surprising regularity. And they do look smaller than those kitchens, whose owners prefer light colors. As the kitchen fronts, bright kitchen Island designs look better and seem to be more elegant.


Create a sense of weightlessness for all details by getting glass tables, chairs made from transparent plastic and all kinds of baskets for storage, and try to not overload with details.


If you do like our recommendations for kitchen island ideas 2017, then have a good luck, go ahead, and create, you will succeed.

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