Kitchen lighting ideas and modern kitchen lighting

Do you notice how much time you spend in the kitchen? In modern world, the kitchen’s main function is still cooking, but it becomes the most important spaces at home. Therefore, it is critical to select the right kitchen lighting which will be comfortable at any time of day. Proper kitchen lighting can input a few levels of brightness into space, helps small kitchen look bigger, refresh kitchen interior and change the overall mood. You only need to select scheme which will provide a good functional light and create the perfect atmosphere. Here we will talk about kitchen lighting ideas and modern kitchen lighting.



Kitchen lighting often becomes latter issue, which is being discussed at designing of space. But to look good and be comfortable, that space must have good lighting. Experts agree that the best time to make a decision regarding kitchen lighting scheme is planning stage, at the same time, when you plan where to place the cooker hood.


Desirable modern kitchen lighting system should include at least two elements:

  • Functional lighting: bright, shadow less area for cooking;
  • atmospheric lighting, emphasizing the architectural features of kitchen and setting right tones.


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Functional lighting for modern kitchen

Built-in kitchen light fixtures mounted directly above the hob, sink and a cutting zone provide bright, focused light, which solve functional lighting for a modern kitchen. Position kitchen light fixtures as close to outer edge of hanging cabinets as possible, otherwise light will fall only on the rear part of countertops and slabs.

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Kitchen-lighting-ideas-and-modern-kitchen-lighting-6 Kitchen-lighting-ideas-and-modern-kitchen-lighting-7

Kitchen-lighting-ideas-and-modern-kitchen-lighting-8 Kitchen-lighting-ideas-and-modern-kitchen-lighting-9

Atmospheric lighting for modern kitchen

To create atmospheric lighting for modern kitchen, consider that smaller kitchen light fixtures are preferable to use for lighting entire kitchen space, which should be controlled separately. So you can create your desired brightness level with one click the required switch. Wall lamps and will add a relaxing background lighting.

Kitchen-lighting-ideas-and-modern-kitchen-lighting-10 Kitchen-lighting-ideas-and-modern-kitchen-lighting-11


Accents in the kitchen lighting and kitchen lighting ideas

Accent lighting attracts the eye, and draws it at necessary side of kitchen. Small kitchen light fixtures built into the bottom edge of the kitchen cabinets, provide a gentle illumination on the floor, while LED lights installed under the rim of kitchen island create a pleasant welcoming atmosphere, especially if there is a bar stools. Themselves, they can also serve as an accentual solution in space, choose a model with unusual shapes or contrasting colors.

Kitchen-lighting-ideas-kitchen-light-fixtures-kitchen-ceiling-lights-1 Kitchen-lighting-ideas-kitchen-light-fixtures-kitchen-ceiling-lights-2

Kitchen-lighting-ideas-kitchen-light-fixtures-kitchen-ceiling-lights-3 Kitchen-lighting-ideas-kitchen-light-fixtures-kitchen-ceiling-lights-4


Zoning by means of kitchen lighting

Series of beautiful pendant kitchen light fixtures, or an interesting lampshade over a large dining table will help differentiate the dining area from work area on kitchen. For additional convenience try to install dimmers so that the island could function as bright area for work, and the dining table would be a place with softer lighting for cozy gatherings with friends.

Kitchen-lighting-ideas-kitchen-light-fixtures-kitchen-ceiling-lights-7 Kitchen-lighting-ideas-kitchen-light-fixtures-kitchen-ceiling-lights-8

Implementation of these simple kitchen lighting ideas and recommendations will help you to select right kitchen lighting scheme which will make this important space not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, interesting and comfortable for you and your loved ones.

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Kitchen lighting ideas and modern kitchen lighting
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