Modern kitchen design: English kitchen design ideas


«English kitchen» collocation causes different associations, but they unite by common feature. It’s momental, almost instinctive coziness feeling with fragrant tea and baking expectation… Modern kitchen design in English style gives wide ideas’ spectrum.

English-kitchen-modern-kitchen-design-kitchen-renovation-ideas-English kitchen

Old-fashion Victorian cottage, cozy British Country, 80-90’s English “movie” chic, Classic with national elements, modern design in “Cool Britannia” spirit – all that’s English style! And you’re welcomed to competently mix them.

Such diversity makes English style full of good kitchen renovation ideas! Simple details should turn your old boring kitchen into a really charming one!

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Learn all nuances in our «Modern kitchen design: English kitchen design ideas» article.

English kitchen: Style’s basics

  • You’ll see multiple styles mixing in English kitchen: Gothic, Neogothic, Colonial, Classic, Chinese, Baroque. No matter, which ones, they’ll be complemented by British culture and history iconic symbols.
  • Get kitchen renovation ideas from British style, if you like placing many items here. It’s eye-catching habitual, but still stylish.

Habitual-English-kitchen-modern-kitchen-design-kitchen-renovation-ideas-colors-English kitchen

  • Colors: wooden browns, beige, terracotta, mustard, red, burgundy, green, etc.
  • Floor is usually wooden. You can try retro ones, with bright checkerboard tiles.

Floor-English-kitchen-modern-kitchen-design-kitchen-renovation-ideas-English kitchen

  • Color walls with matte paints. It’s actual for modern kitchen design, as wallpapers with flower patterns (inspire by William Morris designed ones) also. Try wallpapers with large stripes for kitchens with low ceiling. Combine them, making zoning.

Walls-English-kitchen-modern-kitchen-design-kitchen-renovation-ideas-modern kitchen design

  • Skirt usually stays neutral. Highlight it from up.
  • Despite general conservativeness, furniture gets some rounded lines.

English-kitchen-modern-kitchen-design-kitchen-renovation-ideas-modern kitchen design

  • Ceilings won’t be shiny, choose matte materials. Use molding, if you like it.
  • Cozy English kitchen sometimes differs from other ones with soft benches presence.

Kitchen renovation ideas: English mood in attributes

  • English kitchen characterized by many textile’s usage. Most popular prints: plaid, striped, flower, heraldry patterned ones, Union Jack.

English-symbols-English-kitchen-modern-kitchen-design-kitchen-renovation-ideas-modern kitchen design

  • Your kitchen renovation ideas can include typical London associations: red phone booth simulation (realized as cabinets or even fridge), Beatles or other icon English bands’ posters. So, your kitchen design can even go nostalgic, hippie or punk!

London-style-English-kitchen-modern-kitchen-design-kitchen-renovation-ideas-modern kitchen design

  • Chandelier’s choice depends on mood you prefer: from Victorian, refined Classic to minimalistic ones.

Chandeliers-flowers-English-kitchen-modern-kitchen-design-kitchen-renovation-ideas-kitchen renovation ideas

  • Live flowers bring last charming strokes.

Hopefully, our «Modern kitchen design: English kitchen design ideas» article will make you brew the best tea at coziest kitchen ever!

English-kitchen-modern-kitchen-design-kitchen-renovation-ideas-kitchen renovation ideasEnglish-kitchen-modern-kitchen-design-kitchen-renovation-ideas-kitchen renovation ideas

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Modern kitchen design: English kitchen design ideas
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