Small Kitchen Ideas 2023: Designer’s Artistic Vision Of Finding Balance Against All Odds

small kitchen ideas 2023

Small kitchen ideas 2023 will help you to Find the style of kitchen that suits you. If you are out of inspiration for the layout and decoration of your kitchen, follow the 2023 trends for the kitchen. Some are still relevant and make it considered timeless.

However, you can also find out what the small kitchen ideas 2023 are.

small kitchen 2022

The styles are varied to suit all tastes. Indeed, you can perfectly fit out a vintage kitchen to travel back in time while cooking. This look is one of the timeless ones and it is difficult to get tired of it.

Small kitchen ideas 2023: Mix and match

Moreover, styles and eras can be mixed. The modern wooden kitchen is here to prove it. Often associated with rustic, wood still invites itself into Scandinavian and industrial kitchens.

To create an industrial kitchen, all you have to do is combine wood with stainless steel, steel, brick or concrete.

For a Nordic but warm atmosphere, our decorative ideas for a Scandinavian kitchen can be invaluable to you.

Small Kitchen Ideas 2023: Designer’s Artistic Vision Of Finding Balance Against All Odds

Wood is not the only material to be used in the kitchen. Marble has become a big trend and knows how to create a designer kitchen.

Plants also find a nice place in this room. It brings an ideal Zen atmosphere for the Feng Shui kitchen.

Other natural materials such as linen also like to embed themselves in the kitchen. They are found especially in bohemian cuisine.

Small kitchen ideas 2023: How to renovate your kitchen?

Have you found the style and color for your kitchen? But do you still want to change?

Arranging your space also means reviewing the storage for your kitchen but also the decoration of your kitchen. It is important to have a room with optimized storage to enjoy cooking.

small kitchen trends 2023

On the decoration side, find all the decorative trends for the kitchen. Something to inspire and create a warm and friendly atmosphere in all its details.

Finally, for those who wish to completely overhaul the layout of their kitchen, our small kitchen ideas 2023 on renovating a kitchen will be useful and will help you avoid mistakes.

When thinking about the small kitchen ideas 2023 layout, the inevitable question is that of the type of layout!

Parallel or corridor kitchen, L-shaped kitchen, U-shaped kitchen, I-shaped or linear kitchen, with or without island…

The possibilities are numerous and each have their specificities and advantages.

small kitchen trends 2023

However, the ideal solution depends above all on your room, its constraints, but also on your wishes and lifestyle.

Discover on our blog the advice to imagine the layout of your kitchen, according to the different areas of activity in the kitchen.

L shape for the most cozy interiors

Perfectly adaptable to all room sizes , the I-shaped or linear kitchen is arranged along a single section of wall. In this configuration, the different areas (cooking, preparation and storage) are all aligned.

In the case of an open living room, the I-shaped kitchen is discreet and will let you enjoy a comfortable space for the living/dining area.

Classics of layouts as a base of the furnishing

The L-shaped or corner kitchen is a great classic of layouts. The furniture, installed on two perpendicular sides, adapts to both closed and open rooms.

small kitchen 2023

In the second case, the kitchen area has the advantage of being naturally delimited.

Acording small kitchen ideas 2023, the  available space allows integration in the center of a dining area, or an island.

Several pieces of furniture with different functions can be offered to you in order to optimize storage in the corner of the kitchen.

The U-shaped kitchen is very functional since it allows to separate the different areas: storage, cooking and washing and thus make the kitchen very functional.

In an open room, this layout is very popular because it allows you to delimit the space. In a closed kitchen, three of the walls of the room are optimized in this way.

Be careful however, the central space must be at least 1m20 so that traffic can be fluid.

Small Kitchen Ideas 2023: Designer’s Artistic Vision Of Finding Balance Against All Odds

Small kitchen ideas 2023: Small but functional

Very often arranged in an open room, the kitchen with island is synonymous with conviviality. The island can have one or more functions: accommodate a dining area, a sink or a hob.

A dimension of at least 120 cm that experts recommend for one function, 150cm for two functions.

A minimum distance of 1m20 between the island and the rest of the kitchen must that make respected so that traffic around the island is fluid.

A closed kitchen must have a minimum area of 15m² to accommodate a central island.

Parralel kitchen: sense of harmony in

The parallel kitchen experts also call double linear or corridor kitchen. It is often synonymous with limited space.


However, here too, a minimum distance of 1m20 must that make respected between the two rows of furniture so that traffic remains fluid.

Shallow furniture can be fitted to one side if necessary, as well as small appliances. The optimization of storage is important, thanks to large tall units for example.

Warm and aesthetic, open or American kitchens are very popular in new homes.

They allow you to keep in touch with your guests in the case of a kitchen open to the living room.

Our open kitchen models meet all styles and budgets! Accompanied by a central island or a friendly bar? The open kitchen adapts to all room sizes.

The key tip for an optimal kitchen: storage! Appliances and kitchen accessories strategically stored for quick and convenient use.

Small kitchen ideas 2023: kitchen layout and activity

In the layout of a kitchen, 3 pillar areas stand out to form the activity triangle. The cooking area or hot area (with the plates and the oven), the storage area (refrigerator and storage) and the area washing (sink, dishwasher, garbage cans, etc.).

To successfully fit out a kitchen, you must apply the activity triangle right from the design stage of your plan. It optimizes space, simplifies and secures your travels.

small kitchen ideas 2023

Also for practical reasons, the sink and the hob should be placed close to useful connections (water, gas or electricity). In both cases, we avoid occupying the corners with the sink or cooking area.

Think storage well in the layout of a kitchen

Good thinking is essential in small kitchen trends 2023. Make as exhaustive an inventory as possible of your storage needs, keeping in mind that most utensils and equipment must be within easy reach.

Never lost, small spaces and angles they easily exploited with space-saving, practical and ingenious furniture, think about it.

Know the right measurements and dimensions

For the development of a kitchen here are some notions of measures and dimensions.

For kitchen furniture and appliances: for good circulation, 70 centimeters of clearance should be provided in front of the high and low units. Around your cupboards, drawers and dishwasher, allow 90 cm.

The height of your wall units must be a maximum of 220 cm for the highest shelf.

small kitchen 2023

For appliances: we recommend placing the oven at eye level and the hood at a height of 60 cm from your hob.

For the worktop: count a minimum of 60 to 65 cm deep in order to be able to slide appliances and standard size furniture underneath.

The right heights take into account your height. As an indication, we recommend a height between 85 and 95 cm for the worktop.

Small kitchen 2023: Work well on brightness

In the layout of a small kitchen 2023, in addition to natural lighting and an electric light source on the ceiling (ceiling light or recessed spotlights), have other light sources at the level of the work plan with clear lighting and powerful or adjustable spotlights placed under wall units.

Choose a suitable layout for your kitchen layout

There are several types of settlements. Each has its particularities and constraints.

Kitchen layout or layout: what criteria to take into account?

To design a kitchen layout, the following basic elements must be taken into account:

  • the dimensions of the room concerned by the development: precise measurement is essential (width, length and height) taking into account the fixed elements reducing the surface area suitable for conversion (radiator, water heater, window, etc.)
  • the needs, tastes and habits of the people who use the kitchen: storage volumes, types of furniture and accessories, kitchen style (modern or traditional), household appliances, etc.
  • respect for the activity triangle: to maximize the practical side of the room, the location of the activity areas must carefully consider
  • the path used to clear dirty dishes and store clean dishes: the trash can, the sink, and the dishwasher should ideally be easily accessible.
  • They can be located  from the entrance to the kitchen and be next to each other. Similarly, cupboards dedicated to storing dishes should be located near the dishwasher (or drainer).

small kitchen ideas 2023


Small kitchen 2023 layout: optimizing the activity triangle

The layout of a kitchen cannot be improvised. There are separate areas for the different activities and distances to be respected to optimize travel.


These activity zones revolve around what people call the activity triangle. They formed it by 3 distinct poles:

small kitchen ideas 2023

Preparation and cooking: hotplates and the oven. Ideally, cooking pots and utensils should be easily accessible from this area.

Storage (or storages): the refrigerator/freezer and cupboards containing foodstuffs. Consolidating food storage in one place will save you time preparing meals and storing groceries.

Washing (or water point): the sink and the dishwasher. Also remember to install the trash can near this area to be more efficient when clearing the table.

small kitchen 2023

Most of the movement in a kitchen occurs between these different points.

To arrange your kitchen in an optimal way, it is necessary to ensure that the distance separating each of these points.  As much as possible identical, without being too great.

Intimate and intentional: I-shaped kitchen (or linear kitchen)

If the development of an I-shaped kitchen that they recommend for narrow and long rooms. It can be suitable for almost all types of rooms: small, large, open or closed.

Advantages of an I-shaped kitchen:

  • economical configuration: possibility of using standard kitchen furniture to fit out this type of kitchen
  • adaptation to any type of room and layout
  • no need to turn around to access your kitchen cabinets or appliances
  • few constraints to be expected, in particular due to the absence of corner furniture.

Disadvantages of an I-shaped kitchen:

  • this type of kitchen layout is not optimal for easy movement
  • in the case of a closed kitchen, a linear kitchen accentuates the narrowness of the room
  • if it is an open kitchen, appliances will be visible from the living room
  • the length of the work plan will make it limited.

Tip: to maximize movement in this type of configuration, place the worktop between the sink and the cooking area.


Small kitchen ideas 2023: L-shaped (or corner) kitchen

The L-shaped kitchen layout is the most common layout for kitchens 10m² and larger. This highly versatile layout forms a natural work triangle.

A return of at least 1.20 m is necessary to arrange the corner of this type of kitchen.

small kitchen 2023

Advantages of an L-shaped kitchen:

  • optimal layout to manage the 3 essential functions of a kitchen (preparation, storage, washing)
  • possibility to arrange a work plan of a substantial length
  • possibility of using standard furniture if you are not too demanding on the optimization of space
  • if the surface of the room allows it, this type of arrangement makes it possible to install a table and chairs.

Disadvantages of an L-shaped kitchen:

  • You need to optimize the layout of the corners with suitable furniture, so as not to waste space (a corner turnstile, for example).
  • As well  as there is a need of  a return of 1.20 to 1.50 m to fit out a kitchen of this type, which that made complicated in a narrow room.


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Small Kitchen Ideas 2023: Designer’s Artistic Vision Of Finding Balance Against All Odds
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