White kitchen ideas

Light and pure white color is perfect for kitchen. Exquisite white tables, shelves and white kitchen cabinets can be accessorized in any color scheme. White easily and naturally blends with any other shade. In 20-th of last century, European aristocrats trimmed their kitchens in white color to emphasize the status and prosperity. Today we will discuss white kitchen ideas and try to help with remodeling your kitchen.



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Kitchen design ideas in white color

Versatile white color perfectly possible to use almost anywhere. From conservative classic white kitchen designs to extravagant Art Deco kitchen style, white color everywhere can find a place.

Classic kitchen design perfectly possible to arrange in white with wood admixture. As lighting should be selected several kitchen ceiling lights. White admits cumbersome chandeliers and floor lamps only in very large rooms.

All possible shades of white in conjunction with metal stylize Scandinavian life. A great variety of small decorative elements, white painted wood, deliberately “aging ” of furniture. Also, Scandinavian white kitchen style is different in its simple and clear forms. Candlesticks will look appropriate in Scandinavian kitchen.



White color took an undeniable superiority in Art Nouveau kitchen style. Flowing lines, smooth surfaces with a glossy shine. Art Nouveau kitchen style allows to use plastic and varnished wood. Many different small kitchen light fixtures will accentuate modern design of it.

Provence style kitchen design differs with flower patterns and a large number of textile. As a general color is necessary to take a gentle and warm shades of white. French romanticism allows to accommodate wide variety of figurines and other trinkets into kitchen.


Combination of colors and styles in white kitchen designs

White will never be dull, if correctly combine it with another color. Black and white mixture will distinguish lovers of discreet classic and modernism. Red items in white kitchen designs will show bold and risky people who love life more than anything. Shades of brown color will bring mysterious pre-holiday atmosphere into white kitchen.

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You can fill white kitchen designs with lots of details in vibrant colors, and also possible limit yourself with something one. For example, a painting or a vase for fruit. Remember that such a thing will attract attention, so pick it especially carefully.

Pay also attention to right kitchen lighting, about that we have already discussed in “Kitchen lighting ideas. Subdued light can create the impression of dirty walls and furniture in white kitchen designs. Prefer diode kitchen light fixtures and fluorescent lighting. White kitchen ideas in bright colors will look stylish and spacious.

Do not forget about the frequent cleaning. Bright room, especially if you often prepare meals, will regularly get dirty.

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We hope, that our white kitchen ideas will help you.

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