2018 kitchen trends: Eco kitchens principles and ideas


Eco kitchens become healthy lifestyle philosophy organic continuation. Eco interior concept includes three branches, equally important for 2018 kitchen trends.

  • Environmentally friendly materials.
  • Animalistic and floristic motifs.
  • Ecologically clear materials.

Eco-kitchens-2018-kitchen-trends-kitchen-decor-ideas-2018 kitchen trends-Eco kitchens

So, it relates both to materials and kitchen decor ideas. Despite of seeming simplicity and minimalism, eco style can include bold naturalistic elements, so it would be interesting for everyone. Fresh design trends caused unbelievable new eco styles birth mixing naturalism with high-tech, industrialism.

We’ll discuss all Eco style facets on kitchen example to help your right choice. Read our «2018 kitchen trends: Eco kitchens principles and ideas» article.

Eco kitchen decor ideas: Colors and materials

  • Real Eco kitchens mean fully natural materials usage: wood, bamboo, clay, willow – for popular in 2018 kitchen trends plaited elements. It causes beige shades prevalence.

Beige-shades-Eco-kitchens-2018-kitchen-trends-kitchen-decor-ideas-2018 kitchen trends

  • White often appears in Eco interior with it magnetic clearness, but be careful! Fully snowy shades look too cool for Eco style. White accents all errors, too bright elements for chosen stylistics. So, if you’re into white, make sure your kitchen design is flawless!

White-Eco-kitchens-2018-kitchen-trends-kitchen-decor-ideas-2018 kitchen trends

  • What Eco without green? Choose predominantly soft shades.

Green-Eco-kitchens-2018-kitchen-trends-kitchen-decor-ideas-2018 kitchen trends

  • Stone textures give kitchen natural charm.


  • Metal meets, but not too much, never emphasized.

Eco decor: 2018 kitchen trends

Those kitchen decor ideas make you closer to nature.

  • Interesting solutions with wooden materials on ceiling are welcomed!


  • Include some Art Nouveau elements, if you like it! For example, columns in tree trunk shape, stumps-chairs, flowing shapes.

Art-Nouveau-elements-Eco-kitchens-2018-kitchen-trends-kitchen-decor-ideas-kitchen decor ideas

  • Eco kitchens 2018 include much natural light. Use just thin linen or cotton curtains.

Curtains-Eco-kitchens-2018-kitchen-trends-kitchen-decor-ideas-kitchen decor ideas

  • Add florariums on walls!

Florariums-Eco-kitchens-2018-kitchen-trends-kitchen-decor-ideas-kitchen decor ideas

  • Bold experiments lovers can try grass tables.

Grass-tables-Eco-kitchens-2018-kitchen-trends-kitchen-decor-ideas-2018 kitchen trends-Eco kitchens

Eco kitchens: Newest styles

  • Eco-tech (Bionic)

It’s beautiful mix of “uncombined” – Art Nouveau nature lines, like in Gaudi’s masterpieces, and high-tech, peace between urbanism and nature. It’s architecture style came from science. Just look, how beautiful are that kitchens!

Bionic-Eco-kitchens-2018-kitchen-trends-kitchen-decor-ideas-2018 kitchen trends-Eco kitchens

  • Biophilic design

Erich Fromm used word “biophilia” meaning personality property oriented toward love of vital. That extra actual philosophy penetrated into modern architecture and 2018 kitchen trends also!

Biophilic-Eco-kitchens-2018-kitchen-trends-kitchen-decor-ideas-2018 kitchen trends-Eco kitchens

If Bionic kitchen decor ideas imitate your beloved landscapes, Biophilic design invites live nature into your house! Abundant fine taste decor with plants, small waterfalls, florariums and aquariums should transform kitchen into your little paradise!

Hopefully, our «2018 kitchen trends: Eco kitchens principles and ideas» article gave you great inspiration to create dream kitchen and love our Earth!

Eco-kitchens-2018-kitchen-trends-kitchen-decor-ideas-2018 kitchen trends-Eco kitchens

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