Art deco interior style: TOP features and stylish trends of art deco design

Living room design

Interior in style of art deco means decorative art in French. In art deco, you can find prints depicting animals and fish. Also, lamps in form of unusual sculptures, expensive furniture, decorating elements are in trend. Let’s see what art deco interior style trends are in fashion.

art deco interior style, top trends and tips for art deco design

 Art deco interior style: distinctive features

It’s advisable to proceed with design of apartment with choice of design. It must necessarily be geometric. Thus classic designs and bold geometric shapes, that’s what is in fashion in art deco interior style. Start with wallpaper. Suitable fabrics with strict geometric patterns. Straightness and ornate forms, rushing into eyes, will revive any room.

art deco interior style, decor ideas in art deco interior style

As tribute to fashion, it’s possible to put symbolism in form of hieroglyphs, pyramids, heads of sphinxes on furniture, photo frames, pictures, wallpaper, textiles.

art deco interior style, symbolism in art deco interior style

Presence in interior of elements of Egyptian style will allow from any room to make royal mansions.

Features of coloring

Unique feature of art deco is geometric nature of patterns in decoration. Likewise, bright colors in decoration allow you to create beautiful art deco design. In this style, contrast of color palette is fashionable. It brings atmosphere of rebirth into room.

art deco interior style, trendy colors in art deco interior style

Tiles for finishing walls of bathroom and kitchen are usually made out in monochrome combination of black and white palette. Also ceramic and porcelain products are relevant for this style.

art deco interior style, tiles in art deco interior style

Art deco interior style: distinctive features of art deco style

Art deco interior style differs from other styles:

Strict geometric forms

This is the most important feature of designs of this style. Thus, emphasis should be on strict symmetry of objects in interior. Characteristic features of this style are clarity of lines, presence of decor in form of bends, lines, zigzags, gradation of shapes. There are completely no romantic and natural ornaments.

Also the second, no less important feature of art deco style, is artificial imitation of natural lighting, provided by use of massive mirrors.

art deco interior style, strict geomtric forms in art deco interior style

Decoration, made in Art Deco style, shines everything from glossy paint and varnish coatings to metal and polished wood is trendy. Thus a lot of mirrors and glasses create unique light reflection in apartment. As for decor, not only huge mirrors but also tiles, glass surfaces and mirror pieces of furniture are suitable.

Use as many reflective universal surfaces as possible. So you can create unique design room in style of Art Deco classic.

Luxury finishes

In interior of modern apartments, it’s forbidden to use rustic cotton textiles and fabrics from natural flax.

Aristocratic expensive fabrics with exclusive colors are more welcome here. So decorating with velvet, satin, brocade, natural fur, silk, taffeta with gilding and geometric mirrors creates special atmosphere of wealth, majesty, and luxury.

art deco interior style, luxury finishes in art deco interior style

Art deco interior style: stylish design ideas

 Ethnic motifs and animal prints

In refined art deco style, it’s recommended to display mighty spirit of African safaris. This is easy to do if you use various exotic materials, such as reptile skin, animal skins, mother-of-pearl crafts, ivory, as well as certain elements of Egyptian motifs and oriental ornaments in interior decoration.

art deco interior style, ethnic motifs, color palette in art deco interior style

Color palette

Black and white color scheme is main art deco style. Thus, it’s very relevant because is in great demand. In addition to these two colors, rich palette of expensive shades is used (for example, emerald, gold, ruby, sapphire).

Also, in designs of bedrooms aren’t cheap beige, chocolate, and cream tones.


Important feature of Art Deco style is strict symmetry, in which interior is pre-thought out, and is distinguished by self-sufficiency, genius, and harmony.

Hence, give preference to huge wall decorations in form of wicker fans, gold bowls, shade with fringe.

art deco interior style, symmetry in art deco interior style, illumination in art deco interior style


As for illumination, here it’s with multi-level system that creates exciting, mysterious and unusual atmosphere. So polished lamps of regular geometric shape, made of glass, chrome-plated steel, copper will look perfect.

This interior is based on high ceilings, large windows, spacious halls. However, it’s not always easy to take into account all details and nuances. So it’s better to stop your choice on simpler design of apartment in Art Deco style.

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