Best interior design: Country interiors and country decorating ideas


Taking leading role between latest trends, Country interiors transform and reveal their new facets. Now country decorating ideas give not only farmhouse charm feeling, but atmospheric introduction to another culture also. Maybe, best interior design should provide boundless opportunities for imagination “travelling” to comfort land, and Country interiors do it excellently!

Country-interiors-country-decorating-ideas-best-interior-design-Best interior design

Today we’ll discuss most trendy Country’s sub-styles in our «Best interior design: Country interiors and country decorating ideas» article.

Best interior design: Fashion sub-styles

  • Traditional (American) Country catches eye with cozy atmosphere and much wood. It transforms any apartment into village house. Typical folklore motifs, much brown shades, warm light and fireplaces (almost in every room!) make special mood. Some hand-made is welcomed. Other sub-styles get that features particularly.

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Traditional-Country-interiors-country-decorating-ideas-best-interior-design-Best interior design

  • French Country – Provence.

Provence-Country-interiors-country-decorating-ideas-best-interior-design-Best interior design

  • Swedish Country.

Swedish-Country-interiors-country-decorating-ideas-best-interior-design-Best interior design

  • English Country (English Cottage).

English-Country-interiors-country-decorating-ideas-best-interior-design-country decorating ideas

  • Slavic Country.

Slavic-Country-interiors-country-decorating-ideas-best-interior-design-country decorating ideas

Let’s dwell on each sub-style to find best interior design for you!

Country decorating ideas: World lands’ treasures

French Country

It’s something completely different from American one! It’s elegant, but still simple French countryside serenity. Here is pastel colors’, tender flower motifs’ kingdom! If your country decorating ideas go Provence, choose fair colored, sometimes artificially aged furniture with flowing shapes. Field flowers live everywhere – on shelves, tables, as patterns on tender curtains. Accessories: so popular plaited baskets, bird cages (if you love home birds, it won’t be just decor element, but home for your beloved pets), white or beige laces. Provence interior common impression – it looks so touching!

Provence-2-French-Country-Decor-Country-interiors-country-decorating-ideas-best-interior-design-country decorating ideas

Swedish Country

Those Country interiors remind winter fairy tale of Northern lands! But if you imagined just white-blues-grays, it’s not fully true – that’s just some basic colors. Remember bright world of Astrid Lindgren’s stories – they beautifully reflect Swedish atmosphere! Bright and soft natural colors often appear in Swedish Country decor, especially in national folk patterns on textiles. Stripes should be present also. As Swedish interior style formed under Gustav III influence, it includes Neoclassicism elements, so adored by the king.

Swedish-Country-2-Country-interiors-country-decorating-ideas-best-interior-design-country decorating ideas

English country decorating ideas

It includes more saturated colors, especially browns, than Traditional Country. Despite English country decorating ideas eye-catching conservatism, it tends to maximum comfort and space. Huge classical luster, warm «yellow» light, big flower patterns are typical. Arches and ruches should be allowed. English people are known with their love to reading and tea drinking. So, bookshelves and tea tables are welcomed in any room! Even kitchen can include recipes’ books corner.

English-Country-2-Country-interiors-country-decorating-ideas-best-interior-design-country decorating ideas

Slavic Country interiors

Very bright and original style! It’s best interior design for bold, dreamy Country fans. Most character features: fine wood carving (such examples present in old Russian wooden houses’ decor), Slavic folk «lace» paintings, massive wooden details, richly decorated chimney furnaces or fireplaces simulating them. Dividers remind fine carved fences more.

Slavic-Country-2-Country-interiors-country-decorating-ideas-best-interior-design-Country interiors


Hopefully, our «Best interior design: Country interiors and country decorating ideas» article gave you great inspiration for your dream Country design realizing!

Country-interiors-country-decorating-ideas-best-interior-design-Country interiors

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Best interior design: Country interiors and country decorating ideas
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