Christmas Decoration Ideas։ Top 10 Tips To Originally Decorate Your House

Christmas and New Year are the most warm and joyful holidays, which accepted to hold among family. House Christmas decorations are special pleasure for all family members. Christmas ornaments give special comfort to any space, creating magical and festive atmosphere. Be assured that completely not necessarily to spend bulk of budget on Christmas decorations, manual dexterity and imagination are enough.

Today, many interior decorators are moving away from conventional green, red and white Christmas decoration ideas, and choose more modern interpretations. We suggest you ten «Christmas decoration ideas how originally decorate house», which are easily possible to apply in practice and surprise your guests with originality and style.

Christmas decoration ideas #1

Set some unexpected thing, such as a vintage bike with a basket in the hall. Decorate that bike with lights. Arrange walls with large paper decorations in fashionable colors.

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#2 Table in a hallway

Turn an ordinary table in a hallway into a special thing with unusual accessories. Decorate banisters by using garlands from artificial ivy and add sequins as a finishing touch.


#3 Black, green and gold shades in living room

For creation of festive, but at same time, super graceful living room style stick to simple palette of black, green and gold.


#4 Velvet curtains

 Velvet curtains, which resemble theatrical scenes, are a perfect solution for Christmas ornaments.


Christmas decoration ideas #5

Beautifully packaged gifts are an excellent decor element by themselves, especially if they enmeshed in chain of lights.


Christmas decoration ideas #6

Create beautiful interior design, by using your favorite Christmas photos and postcards. Hang them on beautiful ribbon with envelopes, thus avoiding cluttering the mantelpiece.


#7 Christmas tree near the window

Place the Christmas tree near the window, so it will occupy a central place. Hang shimmering rain as backdrop for beautiful toys in general Christmas decorations.


Christmas decoration ideas #8

It’s time to arrange some party at Christmas tree, and nothing will talk about it better than neon sign, plate and the a bottle of champagne on the table. Let’s celebrate!


#9 Colored gloves around the house

Hang colored gloves around the house as Christmas decorations instead of socks to give a tribute to tradition, but in humorous way.


Christmas decoration ideas #10

Create an atmosphere of dreamlike midnight forest in the bedroom by adding small decorated golden and Christmas trees. Perfect place for going back to childhood and dream like at Christmas night.


We hope that «Christmas decoration ideas how originally decorate house» article will help you to make you dreams come true.

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Christmas Decoration Ideas։ Top 10 Tips To Originally Decorate Your House
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