Country style house: topic on exterior and interior design of country house

Today many inhabitants of megacities dream of country houses. Although architects offer variety of projects, out-of-competition houses in style of country, erected from natural building materials. Thus this article will tell you about peculiarities of their layout, exterior and interior of country style house.

country style house, stylish tips and trends for country style house

Country style house: trendy options

As you know, style of country is multifaceted. This means that you can build house Chalet or dwelling resembling ranch. So each of these options differs in layout, as well as in design of facade and interior. Country style house perfectly fit into surrounding landscape and have inexpressible aura of coziness.

country style house, exterior design in country style house

Alpine country houses

Such structures were characteristic of highlands of Switzerland and Austria. Of course, traditional dwellings of Alpine shepherds aren’t similar to chic country houses, which offer well-known architectural agencies.

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country style house, Alpine style house design ideas

Austrian country houses are usually 1-2-storeyed with sloping roof, which protects dwellers and their livestock from snow and avalanches.

Usually, they have a mansard floor and terrace around the perimeter of the structure. Thus, in exterior one of the most notable details is first floor, finished with natural wild stone.

country style house, stylish Alpine style house interior

Country style house: stylish Alpine interior and Russian hut

Austrian and Swiss shepherds cared little for interior decoration of their homes. Modern Alpine country style house has interior made of different types of wood.

country style house, Austrian style country house design

It’ll look stylish with floor, finished with stone and with soft furniture from dark-colored natural leather. As decoration use hunting trophies and animal skins.

country style house, Swiss style country house interior design

Especially popular houses in style of country, reminiscent of traditional Russian huts.

They can resemble fairy tale or look like the most common hut-five-walled. It all depends on whether you need house for seasonal living or you are going to build family nest to raise children and grandchildren away from gassed streets.

country style house, Russian style house design

Usually, they are built from round logs. Such structures don’t require special finishing either from outside or from inside. Their main decoration is natural beauty of natural wood.

In interior of Russian house in style of country, semantic center is stove. It can be real or play role of decoration. Use of plain textiles in flower is in trend.

country style house, Russian country house interior design

Country style house:  English country style

Residents of British province and today prefer to build dwellings of stone and bricks. So buildings with a combination of these two types of construction materials will look original. Also, climbing plants are suitable in this style. Thanks to them, the country style house acquire features of noble antiquity.

country style house, English style country interior design

In interior, you can use wallpaper with simple drawing. However, paint walls in lime, pale olive, beige or other discreet colors.

As for furniture, use of objects in one of historical styles typical for the 19th century will look perfect.

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Country style house: topic on exterior and interior design of country house
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