Country style interior design: features and design ideas of rural interior

Probably, no interior design style can boast of such diversity, like country. And this is quite understandable. After all, Alpine chalet doesn’t even remotely resemble African bungalow, and Russian hut has nothing to do with dwelling of peasant from Provence. So let’s see how country style interior design should look, depending on which country style you’ll choose in terms of its mentality and cultural traditions.

country style interior design, top features and design ideas for country design

Country style interior design: French village

This direction is known throughout world as Provence. Thus it combines rural simplicity with aristocratic chic of country Riviera of the mid-19th century.

country style interior design, French country style interior design

In French country style interior design designers use light finishing materials and furniture. Feature of this design is textiles with reticent floral pattern. Use of ruches, lace and knitted napkins is welcome.

country style interior design, Provence style country interior design

In this style select all pieces of furniture in vintage style. They should be made of light wood, varnished or painted with light paint (white, blue, sea or gray). So primitive painting of facades in form of bouquets, flowers are in fashion.

country style interior design, Alpine style country interior design, Chalet style country interior design

Country style interior design: Alpine interior in country style

Fashion for summer and winter holidays in the Alps originated in middle of the last century. This became reason for acquaintance of wealthy Europeans with life of local shepherds. Many of them just fell in love with comfortable and, contemporaneously, brutal situation of their chalet-dwellings. As a result, there are many who want to recreate such interior in country style.

country style interior design, Alpine style country interior design

Top country style interior design features are use of natural stone and wood in finish. Thus furniture in Chalet style is massive and rough. It looks as if it were hand-made, using simplest tools.

Country style interior design: English and American Style

We shouldn’t forget that country style interior design is English invention, which later successfully took root on American soil. Thus this design as best reflects conservatism of inhabitants of British Isles. So creating in your apartment English interior in style of country will have to disguise modern household appliances and electronics.

country style interior design, English style country interior design

country style interior design, English country style interior design

This design refers to category of vintage and doesn’t tolerate any newfangled interspersions. So again, give preference to traditional materials of natural origin and simple cotton textiles.

country style interior design, American country style interior design

country style interior design, country interior design in American style

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