Curtains in rustic style: stunning design and modest simplicity in one style

Decoration of windows in village house has always been pride of housewives. Women and girls made a lot of efforts to demonstrate their craftsmanship and decorate their homes. Today curtains in rustic style continue to be popular. What options in trend, you’ll know in our article.

curtains in rustic style, rustic style curtains in interior design

If it’s kitchen design, designers recommend giving preference to more practical materials. It’s extremely difficult to remove pollution from natural textiles. In addition, curtains in rustic style should be washed frequently, and cotton and linen fabrics are prone to rapid wear.

curtains in rustic style, features of curtains in rustic style

As an alternative, designers suggest use of modern textiles, which have dust-repellent properties and increased wear resistance.

Color and prints

Choice of colors and prints depends on chosen variety. For Provence style is suitable light curtains with floral pattern. Most preferable options, where white, pale lime, cream or blue background depicts modest wildflowers of red, lavender and lilac.

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curtains in rustic style, Provence style rustic curtains

To create American and English rural design, choose checkered textiles. In the first case, cowboy cage is suitable, and in the second case, there are less bright colors, for example, white and blue.

curtains in rustic style, American style rustic curtains

curtains in rustic style, English style curtains in rustic style

Curtains in rustic style: kitchen and living room design

Options for kitchen

Use of long curtains in the kitchen will be appropriate. It’s better to choose so-called curtains-cafe. They close window only from middle or reach window sill. This allows sun’s rays to penetrate the kitchen and also protects it from prying eyes.

curtains in rustic style, curtain cafe in rustic style

If you want to make decoration more elegant, then curtains in rustic style of café type complement by lambrequin, from same fabric. Decorate it with ruffles, embroidery or lace.

curtains in rustic style, rustic style curtain cafe in interior design

Rural blinds for bedroom

For bedroom suitable curtains in rustic style length of floor. Multi layering is welcome. Dense fabric with floral pattern can be combined with light cambric. Decorate such curtains will help beautiful picks and lambrequins. They are characteristic, first, for sleeping room with features of Provence.

curtains in rustic style, floral curtains in rustic style

Curtains in rustic style: decoration of windows in living room

For English rural interior of living room, choose curtains in rustic style from plaid fabrics. It’s believed that they should be in color range characteristic of rural landscapes. Suitable also for textiles in polka dots or striped.

curtains in rustic style, curtains with polka dots in rustic style

You can’t use, for example, blinders in polka dots with upholstery in cage. In interior, it’s better to use only one type of textile with print.

curtains in rustic style, stylish ideas for curtains in rustic style

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Curtains in rustic style: stunning design and modest simplicity in one style
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