Home theater design: Photos and tips for theater room decor


Home theater design importance is difficult to overestimate. It’s place for relax and full immersion into art world. Theater room ideas development requires multitasking thinking. You should combine aesthetic side with health care, usefulness, technical moment considering. For perfect result whole theater room decor should submit some acoustics and lighting rules.

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It’s difficult, but so interesting! We’ll help you! Read our «Home theater design: Photos and tips for theater room decor» article.

Home theater design technical moments

Even most wonderful home theater design should become time wasting without it’s main aim understanding – functionality. Theater room ideas first serve movie’s maximum reality effect creating. So, what we will consider for best acoustics and lighting?

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  • Ideal room’s parameters: rectangular shape, even ceiling.
  • First we need to exclude echo formation. So, no matter how much you adore Industrial or Grunge theater room decor, bare walls are forbidden! Concrete creates echo, horrible for movie watching! Brickwork skips sound.

Home-theater-design-theater-room-ideas-theater-room-decor-Home theater design

  • Isolate impact sound! Use agglomerated cork or other special materials for speakers’ vibrations damping.
  • Use acoustic panels and hermetic. First ones include multicolored assortment for any theater room ideas.
  • Get special noise absorbing fabrics, or use traditional velvet – best one.

Fabrics-Home-theater-design-theater-room-ideas-theater-room-decor-Home theater design

  • Carpets usage on floor is permissible. It’s functional theater room decor also, especially for children – they love watching, sitting right on floor.
  • Desirable room should be without windows. If you’ve got them, cover natural lighting during viewing session. Blackout curtains fit for this best.
  • Here’s basic scheme for frontal acoustic equipment. Maximal screen width = depth * 0,728.

Scheme-Home-theater-design-theater-room-ideas-theater-room-decor-theater room ideas

Theater room ideas: Colors and styles feast

Home theater design can reflect any style, but there are some rules also.

  • Mat surfaces suit for walls and ceiling best. They shouldn’t create excess reflections. Grey or dark colors make out that function better than light ones.

Colors-Home-theater-design-theater-room-ideas-theater-room-decor-theater room ideas

  • Dim lighting enriches theater room decor. Main rule: light won’t fall on screen!
  • Theater room ideas made for rest! Furniture should be maximally comfortable, as you’ll spend much time at home theater. Choose softest, better orthopedic, sofas and armchairs.

Furniture-Home-theater-design-theater-room-ideas-theater-room-decor-theater room ideas-theater room decor

  • Place seatings at room’s horizontal center, opposite to screen. It must be in front of eyes. Some theaters equipped with moving screen, but pay attention on chairs with adjustable height. It’s much more practical.
  • Don’t wait for special effects from movie – make yours! Use neon light, starry sky effect stretch ceiling, etc. – everything for fantastic rest!

Home-theater-design-theater-room-ideas-theater-room-decor-theater room decor

  • Reflect your personality and tastes with theater room ideas. For example, horror or fantasy movies’ fans’ theater can include some unusual «guests» statues. If your kids love watching, make whole room or it’s part bright and joyful.

Horror-fantasy-Home-theater-design-theater-room-ideas-theater-room-decor-theater room decor

Hopefully, our «Home theater design: Photos and tips for theater room decor» article gave you great inspiration. Enjoy watching!

Home-theater-design-theater-room-ideas-theater-room-decor-theater room decor

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Home theater design: Photos and tips for theater room decor
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