Home trends 2019: Main rules for interior color combinations for home


Interior color combinations rules knowledge should set you free from boring solutions for safe design creation. Home trends 2019 welcome bright colors and bold, playful combinations. Such interior color schemes require some competence for realization, but result worth it! You’ll forget about boring traditional beige interiors and vivid emotions lack.

Wanna become home trends 2019 master? Lets do it with our article about home trends 2019.

Interior color combinations: Main rules

Before going to home decor trends 2019 we have to know few interior color combinations creating rules.

  • Select hue intensity, depending on plane on which it will be used. Lighter, softer shades look better on larger planes.


  • Remember, walls color is basic in interior color schemes. All interior elements’ colors should be adjusted to walls’ one.
  • Brightest hues fit small items best.


  • Consider room’s size. Bright colored furniture looks bigger and heavier than exactly same in light upholstery. Saturated curtains seem closer to viewer. So, that bright spots look good in large room. But be careful with them in smaller one.

  • Consider how colors will look with lighting.
  • Contrasts create more volume. Lighter colors visually go forward on dark background; darker ones go deep on light background.

Interior color schemes: Pink and yellow

Pink and yellow interior color combinations meet rarely, though it’s unreasonable. Playful colors climb into home trends 2019 top! Pink-yellow alliance looks joyfully autumnal.

  • As both colors catch eye, you should choose one as dominant. Depending on dominant shade, pink-yellow interior color schemes will strongly differ.


  • Bright pink and lemon look perfect in Pop-art style rooms.
  • Popular in home trends 2019 berry pinks combine with yellows well.
  • Pink yellow gradient looks admirably efficient! It brings beautiful sunset into your home.

  • Tender pink and gold, as another option, often combined with white. Those interior color schemes work for real princess room creation. Some grey elements give more restraint.


  • Rose gold creates good ensemble with pastel pinks. Bright yellow elements accent it’s shine, but don’t overload interior with them.


Competently made blue-grey interior color combinations work perfect! One color emphasizes another.


  • Use gray shades and only one blue tone – opposite rule won’t work. It’s difficult to combine few blues with grey.
  • Dark gray (anthracite) and black make blue deeper and brighter.
  • If you dislike bright interiors, use blue and grey with equal (middle) saturation.
  • Win-win interior color schemes: grey-cobalt, grey-indigo. Any complicated blue color looks perfectly with grays.


  • Blue always creates contrast and takes attention on itself, even if it’s used for small elements only.
  • Light blues and pastel greys create calm atmosphere.
  • Dark blue shades look perfect with cold silver metallics.
  • Neon blues, turquoise and grey ideally fit High-tech style. Think of blue backlighting for it also.

Remember both colors (in their pure consistence) are cool. If you dislike coldness, dilute interior with some wooden elements, lemon yellow or pastel berry shades.

Contradictory interior color combinations: Green and red

Despite of colors’ contradiction, green-red creates very beautiful interior color combinations. You often see it in nature, at flowering poppies fields… However, number of nuances for green-red usage makes it meet at homes not too often.


  • Green looks better as basic color – it’s calmer and softer.
  • Don’t combine identical in brightness shades. Use saturated red with light grass green, pea and mint green. That colors should soften and sooth red.
  • Avoid open red and green shades, if possible. Interior color schemes complexity makes room cozier.
  • Bright red looks better for details.
  • Try adding red into ornaments.
  • Deep dark reds, as mahogany, look good with any green shade.

Violet and blue interior color combinations meet rarely, but they look so refined! Combinations recommended for Classical and Eclectic styles.


  • Both colors in dense, saturated tones “eat up” space – they look better for large and well-lit rooms. Blue, violet and saturated gray solve problem of emptiness in large room. Combine grey with that bright spots.
  • And vice versa: if you need clear airy space, choose light blues and violets as basics. They’re new black in home trends 2019. You’re welcomed to use them on big fragments, as bright spots. Use white, beige, yellows for combination.

Yellow and green interior color schemes makes interior so sunny!


  • Yellow-green ensemble success key is same tone. Pastel green plays well with pastel yellow, saturated green hue – with bright yellow.
  • Olive combines with pale yellow, beige.
  • Use prints and patterns boldly – they make bright colors visually less intensive.

Red and vine – that closed colors create harmonic pair in interior.


  • Shades should be dense and saturated. Too pale combination can look faded and boring.
  • Try furniture and decor in red and vine colors. They’ll be united best by gray.
  • Berry shades look interesting with dark reds.

Orange and yellow create eternal feast of brightness and joy!

Orange-yellow-Interior-color-combinations-home-trends-2019-interior-color-schemes-Home trends 2018

  • They look perfect as gradients. You can add some gold also.
  • Few close shades usage create interesting, sometimes, 3D effects.
  • Home trends 2019 welcome brightness, but still such saturated combination needs dilution. Use orange-yellow with white, gray, pale blues, grayish wood.
  • White, mint, pink create tender ensemble with yellow-orange. Dark green plants add cozy tropic look.
  • Bright spots of blue make interior even cozier. Add some balance with white.
  • Dark brown wooden materials provide even more warmth to that joyful company. So, you’ll need little cooling them with snowy white or some lightest pastel blues.

Hopefully, our article about home trends 2019 will  help you finding ideal bold color combination for your perfect interior!


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