Interior Color Trends 2024: 15 Tips to Choose the Best Shades

The correct combination of colors is one of the most prominent interior color trends 2024. This makes the home cozy, corrects space imperfections, and changes the appearance of the room.

Interior Color Trends 2024: 15 Tips to Choose the Best Shades

But a careless attitude to color solutions will ruin even the most expensive apartment. Therefore, when choosing the color scheme of the interior, it is worth knowing a few basic rules:

  • The brighter the color, the less it should be in the design. You should accentuate them.
  • Light shades can be used without restrictions.
  • Each item has a color. Consider this even when choosing door handles. An inappropriate shade can spoil your entire interior.
  • A balance of warm and cold. Intense cold can be softened with two warm shades and vice versa.
  • The rule of three. Choose three matching colors and combine them in your interior.
  • 60/30/10. 60% – primary color, 30% – secondary, 10% – accent.
  • A game of contrast. Any bright tone is combined with black and white, use this rule when you want to highlight accents.

Interior Color Trends 2024: 15 Tips to Choose the Best Shades

Light interior design in popular paint colors 2024 is elegant, stylish, soft, cozy, and home-like.

Benefits of light shades:

  • Small apartments visually seem larger. However, dilute such rooms with bright accents, because completely monochrome furnishings eat up your space.
  • Rooms on the sunny side heat up less. light colors reflect the sun’s rays.
  • A room in this range is easier to decorate. Neutral shades can have highlight décor in any color. And when you want to change, it will be enough just to change their color and the apartment will already look new.
  • Interior design in light colors has a positive effect on the central nervous system.

Light interior design is best suitable for owners of small apartments and studios. However, even in large houses, neutral monochrome will look good.

Interior Color Trends 2024: 15 Tips to Choose the Best Shades

If the apartment windows face the north side, then use this design. This is especially true for large cities. Here, outside the window, we see a wall of a high-rise building. This is also suitable for regions where the number of sunny days per year is minimal.

Living Room Paint Colors 2024

Cold shades can be used in a large living room, where there is a lot of daylight, bright lighting is thought out. Warm ones are suitable for a living room with windows facing north. In a small room, it is better to use light shades, they will visually expand the space.

Light shades are the best living room paint colors 2024. The living room is the place where we relax after a hard day, where friends and family gather. Beige, cream, coffee, warm shades of brown, gray will help to create an atmosphere of warmth, relaxation, and comfort.

Interior Color Trends 2024: 15 Tips to Choose the Best Shades

Natural finishing materials will perfectly fit here: wood, marble, stone in their natural colors.

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Bedroom Colors 2024

It is better to refuse a strong contrast here. Color transitions should be soft. Choose warm or pastel soft colors. Both warm and cold gamma is appropriate here if the right lighting is chosen.
Pastel colors, like peach, pink, cinnamon, lilac are suitable for the bedroom, but in a warm version.

Beige, milky, caramel, sand create a soft warm atmosphere, help to relax and restore energy.

Interior Color Trends 2024: 15 Tips to Choose the Best Shades

The combination with brown or black furniture will add a sense of tranquility and security.

For a large kitchen, don’t be afraid to choose bright bold shades. In combination with calm walls, they will come in handy. The main thing is that the tones do not irritate. For small kitchens, light warm colors are appropriate.

The light design of the kitchen interior will help to increase the space, raise the ceilings, and add air. Such a kitchen is more easily soiled, you will have to clean it more often, but it’s worth it.

After all, the light range will fill the kitchen with warmth, comfort, and it also has a positive effect on the digestive processes.

Interior Color Trends 2024: 15 Tips to Choose the Best Shades

This is the first place you and your guests will see. For large – juicy shades, both warm and cold are proper. And for a little one, calm, noble ones are suitable. Such an interior can be diluted with a bright accent.

Light colors will help to create a feeling of comfort, cleanliness. An interesting design solution here will be a combination of white or beige walls with wooden furniture and doors in the same colors.

Interior Color Trends 2024: 15 Tips to Choose the Best Shades

There are two common ways of decorating a bathroom with color: 1) in the same range, using several of its shades; 2) a combination of three colors.

Interior Color Trends 2024: 15 Tips to Choose the Best Shades

Most bathrooms are not large, so beige, pastel, cream, and milky tones will come in handy here. They will add freshness, lightness, and airiness to the bathroom atmosphere.

Interior Color Trends 2024: 15 Tips to Choose the Best Shades

For a child under five, choose bright colors: green, yellow, red. For older children and adolescents, light colors are suitable: a combination of blue with white or gray, using beige as the main tone and combining it with light green, purple, yellow, blue, or pink.

A room in light shades will contribute to a fruitful atmosphere and positively affect the child’s performance. We recommend decorating the play area with bright details, but the bedroom should be restrained.

Interior Color Trends 2024: 15 Tips to Choose the Best Shades

Choose cool tones: blue combined with burgundy, gray, or red.

An excellent solution is a home office in a dark brown palette. Light colors will do, but they should be cold, not warm.

Interior Color Trends 2024: 15 Tips to Choose the Best Shades

There are several kinds of harmony in interior design color. They are used by designers and everyone who wants to successfully choose a color scheme for their home:

  • A combination of three colors.
  • Two opposite colors (yellow and purple).
  • Combination of analog and complementary harmonies.
  • Black and white with any palette.


Rules for Choosing an Accent Color

It is important to consider:

  • Who will live in the room: a child, an adult, or an elderly person.
  • Color of walls, ceiling, floor.
  • Target settings: zoning or only accentuation, that is, the use of an object as the main idea of interior design.
  • Combination with lighting and color of other objects in the room.

Interior Color Trends 2024: 15 Tips to Choose the Best Shades

Color Selection Errors

Ignorance of lighting. Different light can change colors beyond recognition, so when choosing it is important to consider the palette in daylight and artificial lighting.

Enumeration of colors in one space. The principle of the more the better will definitely not work here. It is important to use the number of colors that will blend harmoniously in your interior design.

Boring palette. The other extreme, which apartment owners resort to due to inexperience. Remember that the rule of three colors is an indispensable assistant when choosing a color scheme, use it if you are afraid to rely on your taste and intuition.

Interior Color Trends 2024: 15 Tips to Choose the Best Shades

Lack of color combinations within the apartment. Do not forget that the tones should be in harmony not only within one space but also in the design of the entire apartment or house. Numerous colors that do not match with each other leads to a sense of chaos. Therefore, choose to overlap ones.

  • Black and deep purple narrow your space.
  • Brown combined with its shades can lead to lethargy and bad mood.
  • Gray – the appearance of sadness and despondency.
  • Blue leads to a feeling of lack of comfort.

Effect of Color on Emotions

Color is one of the most powerful tools for influencing the psychophysical state of a person. Color directly affects our emotions. The human eye distinguishes about one and a half million color shades.

But even the same color, depending on the duration of exposure and intensity, can cause positive or negative emotions.

When choosing a color scheme, it is worth considering the psychological effect of color.

Colors can be exciting and calming.

Interior Color Trends 2024 15 Tips to Choose the Best Shades

Exciting Colors

Exciting colors include warm colors: yellow, orange, red.

Red instills vitality, confidence, but at the same time can be depressing. With prolonged exposure, the red color causes excitement, turning into aggressiveness. Red can even lead to nervous tension

Pink relaxes, cheers.

Orange is the color of joy and improves appetite.

Yellow – the lightest in the spectrum, invigorates, uplifts the mood.

Calming Colors

Calming colors include cold colors: green, blue, purple.

Green is associated with natural greenery, balancing and calming a person.

Blue – the color of water and the sky, restores emotional balance, helps to concentrate. It causes thoughtfulness and melancholy.

Purple oppresses, saddens. Prolonged exposure to blue and purple colors can cause depression.

Interior Color Trends 2024: 15 Tips to Choose the Best Shades

Black is depressing.

White is the most emotionally neutral light.

Gray is also neutral, but rather strict – it is appropriate in a formal setting. The gray color helps to concentrate, to tune in to a business mood.

Light and Color Balance

The colors can change the perception of space quite dramatically. A room in dark tones seems to us smaller and more compressed. Light tones visually expand it, the room seems more spacious, the ceilings seem higher. Cold blue paints will create the impression of spaciousness, and warm yellow tones will add comfort.

Illumination with cold light visually moves the object farther, while with warm light it brings it closer. By combining knowledge of light and color, you will be able to control the boundaries of the room.

Indoor light has always been an important factor influencing both a person’s well-being and his perception of the surrounding space. With the help of light, you can add space to the room, harmonize the dimensions, or hide its imperfections.

Interior Color Trends 2024 15 Tips to Choose the Best Shades

The colors of furniture, floors, walls can appear even more advantageous, and even the most expensive and beautiful finishing materials can fade in the wrong light.

Therefore, remember the rules for combining light and color and that light can become your irreplaceable assistant.

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Interior Color Trends 2024: 15 Tips to Choose the Best Shades
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