Interior design trends 2017: Modern living room

Last century beginning with technical progress brought interesting cultural phenomena of fighting between urbanistic “soulless” machines domination and human desire of returning to nature on art arena. Second one won giving birth to full new art movement and architecture style, called Art Nouveau or Modern.

Modern-living-room-art-nouveau-design-living-room-ideas-living-room-decor-interior-design-trends-2017- home-decor-trends-2017

Today we’ll not only discuss Modern living room design, but follow this exciting history of technologies and nature “war” with unexpected outcome… Read our «Interior design trends 2017: Modern living room» article!

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Modern-living-room-art-nouveau-design-living-room-ideas-living-room-decor-interior-design-trends-2017- home-decor-trends-2017

Art Nouveau design: Living room decor and colors

Modern living room should become creative minded people realized dream. Forget about traditional rooms you see everywhere with their graphical lines and sharp corners! Art Nouveau design looks like your own small beautiful world without bounds between fantasy and reality, even without gravity rules. Your living room decor shouldn’t be too refined, but creating cozy surreal environment of fairy tale landscape.

Modern-living-room-art-nouveau-design-living-room-ideas-living-room-decor-interior-design-trends-2017- home-decor-trends-2017

Home decor trends 2017 include unusual solutions, specific for Art Nouveau. Use nature shapes only, such as wavy and floral contours, any rounded ones; avoid straight lines and sharpened shapes, including corners.

Art Nouveau design has it’s own palette, closed to interior design trends 2017 with abundance of nature inspired pastel and flowers colors. Most useful colors had romantic names: “Parma violet”, “Wisteria color”, “Caspian Sea”, “Grasshopper color”. Add them into your living room ideas to make it excellent! Grey, beige and ivory would be useful also, mostly for backgrounds.Modern-living-room-art-nouveau-design-living-room-ideas-living-room-decor-interior-design-trends-2017- home-decor-trends-2017

Modern-living-room-art-nouveau-design-living-room-ideas-living-room-decor-interior-design-trends-2017- home-decor-trends-2017

Living room ideas: Modern living room finishing

Natural wood or it’s qualitative imitation would be useful for flooring, wall panels and arches. Floral ornaments from different shaded wood look amazing! Floral or chess patterned tiles should accent beautiful surfaces curvatures and visual fragility.

Do not use subway tile! It’s out of home decor trends 2017!Modern-living-room-art-nouveau-design-living-room-ideas-living-room-decor-interior-design-trends-2017- home-decor-trends-2017

Walls can be one tone or floral motifs painted also. Zone your Modern living room with correctly placed arches. You’re welcomed to use columns slightly decorated with small flowers. Animal motifs, as scales or feathers shapes, should be actual also. Mosaics often combined with small home fountains add coziness and nature harmony to Modern living room.

Most interesting and bold living room ideas based on your fantasy! Create stalactites or seashells shapes, surreal “cave” labyrinths with “lake” zones. If you’ve chosen this option, windows should make impression of trees, having complicated wooden frames and rounded shapes, or even have unusual places and fully round forms simulating gaps in cave. Stained glass should be your Modern living room style visitcard.

Ceiling would fully illustrate whole living room decor multidimensionality. Finish it’s look with thematic luster. Get inspiration from great Gaudi’s buildings interiors!Modern-living-room-art-nouveau-design-living-room-ideas-living-room-decor-interior-design-trends-2017- home-decor-trends-2017

Living room decor: Art Nouveau furniture

Art Nouveau furniture should form sense of resting in bosom of nature. Modern living room heart is big sofa, as soft and comfortable, as it’s possible. Choose armchairs with same principle, add soft pillows for more coziness. Use soft textiles in nature color gamma, one-toned or with beautiful floral patterns for complete living room decor. Avoid gilt, it will give Baroque look!

All furniture should be unusual rounded shaped, decorated with smooth floral carvings. Furniture arms would look, like they flow under your hands, legs can remind beautiful flowers stalks on wind…Modern-living-room-art-nouveau-design-living-room-ideas-living-room-decor-interior-design-trends-2017- home-decor-trends-2017

Living room ideas about any details obey whole conception. Usually pastel tone wooden cupboards and closets continue full interior aesthetics with wavy shapes. Tender looking mirrors in unusual “liquid” looking frames, Tiffany lamps and masterpiece fireplaces with wrought decorating elements finish magic breathing stones tale…Modern-living-room-art-nouveau-design-living-room-ideas-living-room-decor-interior-design-trends-2017- home-decor-trends-2017Modern-living-room-art-nouveau-design-living-room-ideas-living-room-decor-interior-design-trends-2017- home-decor-trends-2017

Modern living room: Art Nouveau design contemporary interpretation

Modern-living-room-art-nouveau-design-living-room-ideas-living-room-decor-interior-design-trends-2017- home-decor-trends-2017

But our story didn’t end! Art conflict between nature and machines came to sensational peace treaty, called Bionic style!

It revealed in XX century 70th, developed as autonomous style and became one of home decor trends 2017. Inspired by Antoni Gaudi’s architectural masterpieces, modern technologies and care about environment, it combined best principles of Art Nouveau, High-tech and Eco-style.Modern-living-room-art-nouveau-design-living-room-ideas-living-room-decor-interior-design-trends-2017- home-decor-trends-2017

Bionic living room should be even bolder! Use bright neon colors, rounded nature shapes with High-tech ecologically clear materials and specific LED lighting and you’ll be on the top of home decor trends 2017 and positives emotions!Modern-living-room-art-nouveau-design-living-room-ideas-living-room-decor-interior-design-trends-2017- home-decor-trends-2017

Hopefully, our «Interior design trends 2017: Modern living room» article will help you to create living room interior after your own heart.Modern-living-room-art-nouveau-design-living-room-ideas-living-room-decor-interior-design-trends-2017- home-decor-trends-2017Modern-living-room-art-nouveau-design-living-room-ideas-living-room-decor-interior-design-trends-2017- home-decor-trends-2017Modern-living-room-art-nouveau-design-living-room-ideas-living-room-decor-interior-design-trends-2017- home-decor-trends-2017 Modern-living-room-art-nouveau-design-living-room-ideas-living-room-decor-interior-design-trends-2017- home-decor-trends-2017

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