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Today, people give no less importance to the comfort and decoration the country house facade. This article will help you find out what should your choice of the landscape design 2019 be.

Landscape design 2019: Landscape design in minimalist style

Landscape design 2019: Historical review

There is no precise information, about the time when people began to create decorative gardens and flower beds around their homes. However, one can definitely say that it was several thousands of years ago.

In fact, it is enough to remember the famous hanging gardens of Semiramis. Later, in parallel with the creation of each architectural style, appropriate elements of landscape design were developed. They allowed to arrange not only the house, but also the surrounding area.

Many gardens and palaces have remained steady till our days, striking with their beauty and perfection.

Today modern design studios offer Minimalistic and Japanese style landscape trends.

Landscape design 2019: Minimalist style

The English style and the forever living Classic style continue to be trendy in 2019, as well. Moreover, the latter is presented in the form of regular gardens with clear symmetrical layouts.

Landscape design 2019: Styles

Do you want to have something unusual? Create a trendy landscape design 2019 in fantasy style. Your garden should look as if it had been abandoned a long time ago and spirits and ghosts visited it. In general, this design is perfect for fans of Gothic culture and Harry Potter.

A fresh trend of landscape design 2019 is the Scandinavian style. This design will suit Nordic type of houses with similar interior.

Landscape design 2019: Landscape styles

Today, the most common style of interior design is Minimalism. Moreover, it is used for decoration of living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens. Talking about a private house, one of the main requirements for its design is its correspondence with the style of the inside of the house.

Landscape design 2019: Minimalism

The same requirement applies to the landscape. Minimalistic landscape design 2019 involves the arrangement of only clear straight tracks. In addition, in the case of interior Minimalism, open planning is preferable. Hence, there should be no fences or if there are any, then they should be transparent, if it is possible.

Japanese landscape design 2019

Japanese gardens continue to be trendy. Such kind of landscape design 2019 is a mixture of current trends, such as Minimalism or Ethno. The basic philosophy of this design is the respect towards nature and its harmony.

Landscape design 2019: japanese landscape

Designers recommend to use the plants in such a way, to create a smooth flow of the shades of green. Stones of various shapes play an important role in Japanese gardens. From these stones you can create original decorations in Feng-Shui style.

A relevant Japanese landscape design 2019 is also the arrangement of small reservoirs that you can decorate with small bridges in the same style as the architecture of the land of the Rising Sun.

Landscape design 2019: Japanese style

Landscape design 2019: Scandinavian landscape

This northern design differs with its naturalness. However, you can compensate the lack of lush vegetation by using original wooden sculptures, stone compositions and different kinds of arbors.

Landscape design 2019: Scandinavian landscape

Nordic landscape design 2019 also implies the use of large number of coniferous trees, particularly dwarf trees, from which people create small forests.

Landscape design 2019: Landscape design with pond

To give a more romantic look to such kind of decoration, you can create a small pond and install a wooden house for dwarfs on its shore.

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