Living room decorating ideas in nautical decor

The play with sky, sea and sand colors will help you to achieve nautical decor in living room designs. Create the dreamy mood of the seaside resort by choosing cushioned furniture in soothing white, cool blue, and relaxed gray-beige tones. Faded tones are the essence of beach theme decor. Here is our touch on living room decorating ideas in nautical decor.

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Pick light colors for living room walls, it will help to increase the space and fill it with sunlight, as if a great beach. Complement your nautical theme decor with white linen furniture and braided coffee table. Complete your beach theme decor with sand-colored flooring and themed accessories such as shells, corals and pebbles.

As nautical wall decor, you can choose a picture or poster on the maritime theme.

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Add bright accents in relaxed nautical theme decor by mean coral and emerald colors of Adriatic. It’s possible to choose the usual frame for a large mirror, eg, from driftwood and seashells.

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For nautical wall decor, you can also choose pastel blue or shimmering silver shades. This will bring warm coastal theme to your living room designs.

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Natural unpainted wood is an excellent material to add a relaxed coastal charm. Place the sailboat on your fireplace, or put the container with wood and pebbles in a corner of the room.




Choosing textiles for living room, give preference to the drawings on the maritime theme.

Decorative pillows with anchors in blue, striped blankets or relaxed denim well convey the mood.





Nautical style living room is the best option for anyone who wants to transform it into a place for cozy get-togethers with friends. Coastal attributes and design elements in nautical theme decor will necessarily bring a piece of southern romance and tranquility into your home.

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Living room decorating ideas in nautical decor
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