Living room furniture 2019: Trends, Colors, Photos and Videos


Living room furniture 2019 pleases, but doesn’t tire even the most skeptical eye! Living room furniture ideas made for most comfortable and emotional pastime. Bright colors combine so exquisitely that even ambitious conservatives fall in love with them! Contemporary furniture design amazes with shapes’ variety and tricky solutions.

Living-room-furniture-2019-contemporary-furniture-design-living-room-furniture-ideas-Living room furniture 2019

We overviewed furniture exhibitions and collections to designate best for you. Read our «Living room furniture 2019: Trends, colors, photos and tips» article.

Living room furniture 2019: Colors

  • As if powdered bright colored living room furniture 2019 is new black!
  • Slightly muted pink shades often appear in living room furniture ideas. It can be also mixed pinks, as salmon, orange-pink shades. Few pink shades are welcomed in living room. But it won’t be all-pink, just make accents, include pink in fashionable gradients. Soft pink lighting should accent color nuances in contemporary furniture design.

Pinks-Living-room-furniture-2019-contemporary-furniture-design-living-room-furniture-ideas-Living room furniture 2019

  • Warm tones bring coziness. Yellow, mustard, linen, wheaten shades reflect nature’s beauty and sunshine in living room furniture 2019.

Warm-tones-Living-room-furniture-2019-contemporary-furniture-design-living-room-furniture-ideas-Living room furniture 2019

  • Gray becomes bright! New living room furniture ideas often based on multilayered structure. And it relates to color also, especially gray. Many interesting shades and transitions create dynamic airy volume effect in room.

Gray-Living-room-furniture-2019-contemporary-furniture-design-living-room-furniture-ideas-living room furniture ideas

  • Contemporary furniture design includes some interesting trick to try. Use several identical items (usually, it’s armchairs or chairs) in different colors. It deprives chances to get boring room!

Identical-items-different-colors-Living-room-furniture-2019-contemporary-furniture-design-living-room-furniture-ideas-living room furniture ideas

  • Some deep denim blues provide water element spirit into living room. Choose for this color furniture, slightly resembling water bodies’ shapes: oval puffs, elongated chaise-lounges.

Denim-Living-room-furniture-2019-contemporary-furniture-design-living-room-furniture-ideas-living room furniture ideas

  • Lush grass color brings closer to nature in 2019.

Lush-grass-Living-room-furniture-2019-contemporary-furniture-design-living-room-furniture-ideas-living room furniture ideas

Contemporary furniture design 2019: Specialties

Living room furniture 2019 distributes your space with intelligence and care. Let’s discuss it.

  • Feel free to deviate from traditional templates: organize furnishings as you want! Main criteria for living room furniture ideas should be your maximal comfort. Long time forgotten ottomans come back in stylish colorful «islands» shapes.

Ottomans-Living-room-furniture-2019-contemporary-furniture-design-living-room-furniture-ideas-living room furniture ideas

  • Use as much soft furniture, as you need, if space allows. Also, soft furniture should take up big space. Large l-shaped sofa becomes great accented element!

Soft-furniture-Living-room-furniture-2019-contemporary-furniture-design-living-room-furniture-ideas-Contemporary furniture design

  • We’ve already talked about multilayered structure. In addition to different colored mobile parts, soft furniture additionally decorated with number of pillows.

Multilayered-structure-Living-room-furniture-2019-contemporary-furniture-design-living-room-furniture-ideas-Contemporary furniture design

  • Living room furniture ideas in 2019 can be boundless, so hang pillows from ceiling if you like it! Repeat furniture colors and patterns to accent them. Less extravagant solution – repeat accented furniture colors in floor or walls finishing and decor.
  • Choose small oval coffee tables or more massive with pull-out chairs. This is a stylish solution for saving space.

Table-Living-room-furniture-2019-contemporary-furniture-design-living-room-furniture-ideas-Contemporary furniture design

  • Modular and display cabinets (like in past) coming most actual options.

Cabinets-Living-room-furniture-2019-contemporary-furniture-design-living-room-furniture-ideas-Contemporary furniture design

Hopefully, our «Living room furniture 2019: Trends, colors, photos and tips» article guided you to best living room makeover ever!

Living-room-furniture-2019-contemporary-furniture-design-living-room-furniture-ideas-Contemporary furniture design

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