Living room ideas and living room designs 2017


Living room designs 2017: fresh colors in trend

Modern living room interior is filled with natural light and unusual decorations. Fresh colors used in living room decor are the main trend of the season for 2017. They not only contribute expanding a visual space of the room, but also affect the overall mental attitude for people inside. In living room ideas and living room designs 2017 article we collected fresh ideas and trends for helping you to come up with design of living room interior.

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According to contemporary living room ideas 2017 one or two colors in living room decor of the room and also the mixing of couple of colors are acceptable. For example, in a comfortable and spacious minimalist style living room hanging a bright picture or use of unusual color textiles is appropriate. Modern living room in classic style implies the presence of light braided furniture, dark walls, and in art deco design – bright and massive elements of the decor.

Living-room-designs-2017-Bright-ideas-contemporary-living-room-1 Living-room-designs-2017-Bright-ideas-contemporary-living-room-2 Living-room-designs-2017-Bright-ideas-contemporary-living-room-3 Living-room-designs-2017-Bright-ideas-contemporary-living-room-4 Living-room-designs-2017-Bright-ideas-contemporary-living-room-5 Living-room-designs-2017-Bright-ideas-contemporary-living-room-6 Living-room-designs-2017-Bright-ideas-contemporary-living-room-7

Living-room-designs-2017-Bright-ideas-contemporary-living-room-8 Living-room-designs-2017-Bright-ideas-contemporary-living-room-9 Living-room-designs-2017-Bright-ideas-contemporary-living-room-10 Living-room-designs-2017-Bright-ideas-contemporary-living-room-11


Living-room-designs-2017-Bright-ideas-contemporary-living-room-13 Living-room-designs-2017-Bright-ideas-contemporary-living-room-14


Living room ideas 2017: minimalist living room

Minimalism in living room designs is becoming increasingly popular. The minimalist style helps to make living room more elegant, without over-filling it with furniture and accessories. Using the basic criteria of minimalist living room, you can create a very pleasant and beautiful home environment. Minimalist style in living room designs, which we talk about, is very close to the Scandinavian style, but more rigorous and concise.

For those who are wondering how to decorate a modern living room, the first advice is devoted to furniture type. You will need: a sofa and chair, closet or dresser, and perhaps pictures. All the furniture should be in square shapes and simple lines. Walls according to living room ideas 2017 should meet the same requirements: they have no decorations. Color may vary freely in bright colors; perhaps revive wood or natural stone. Of course, everything must be interpreted by simplicity, avoiding eccentric color schemes. Your living room ideas 2017 in minimalist style you will find in the photos below.

Living-room-designs-2017-Bright-ideas-living-room-decorating-ideas Living-room-designs-2017-Bright-ideas-living-room-decorating-ideas-1

Living-room-designs-2017-Bright-ideas-living-room-decorating-ideas-2 Living-room-designs-2017-Bright-ideas-living-room-decorating-ideas-3








Living room designs 2017։ Bright ideas

There are many options for living room decor. In season 2017 will be fashionable to combine several directions, for example bring the elements of art deco design to contemporary living room style. Another choice is using minimalist style as basic interior, and as supplement chooses finishing materials of high-tech, with its metallic shades and glossy surfaces. At the peak of popularity will be a rustic style that in a new season will combine the simplicity and functionality, the bright colors (shades of red, blue, green and yellow) and unexpected details of decoration borrowed from other styles: photographs and collages in retro style, high-tech technologies and ethnic life items.
















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