Living room interior։ Green living room

It՛s difficult to imagine how stylish may look living room decor, if correctly and properly arrange living room interior․One of most winning and spectacular design options may become green living room. Let’s consider how this will be blended with different interior styles in « living room interior: green living room» article.



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Green living room decor

Let’s start with style called “country which beloved by many people “. Those who don’t know in details what it means, we will remind. Country style in interior design is kind of “return” to origins: nature, meadows and grass, sunny glades and rivers…

All living room interior is permeated with spirit of nature, hence floral and “herbal” motives, as well as wooden decorations, and more. Therefore, it’s difficult to argue with fact that green color best entered in country style living room decor.

You can apply green wallpaper on one or two walls, or paint them and inflict some neat patterns (by using conventional brush or sticking nowadays so famous and fashionable in living room interior wall stickers). Bouquets of flowers and herbs, and even ordinary dried flower arrangements will look harmonious in green living room and will create additive effect of “vintage” in home.





For modern interior design styles like minimalism, futurism topical will be pastel shades of green. Not saturated and juicy, but muffled and very gentle. Green combined with coffee and beige will look very organic. You may also think about deep green, marsh color. It will give a special mood of solemnity to your living room decor. If you decorate a dark green wall by using, for instance, contrasting whorls (white, pink or golden), it will look incredibly impressive in a green living room.

Walls in green will perfectly undergo for “Empire” style living room decor. But here we must think not about simple coating or conventional wallpapers. It’s necessary, at least choose really luxurious wallpaper with soft sheen or, if resources permit, to make silk or satin trim of one or two walls. Intense green color, closer to dark, will create necessary atmosphere of luxury, wealth and little “darken” living room interior. This is perfect solution for living room decor in Empire style.

Green room with sofa living-room-designs-green-living-room-living-room-decor-living-room-ideas-8 living-room-designs-green-living-room-living-room-decor-living-room-ideas-9In other words, green walls in living room are very interesting and bright solution that will allow you to largely give vitality and expressiveness to entire atmosphere.

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Living room interior։ Green living room
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