Loft curtains: best ideas and options for attic window design in your home

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Many believe that creating interior in industrial style, you can do without design of windows. This opinion isn’t without foundation. However, if we are talking about arrangement of ordinary apartment, curtains in loft style are simply necessary. What kind of loft curtains is most relevant for attic design, we will tell in our article.
loft curtains, best options for attic window design in your home

Loft curtains: do we need them?

Initially, loft was formed in former factory premises. They were located behind fences, and everything that was inside apartments rarely became object of attention of strangers. However, with increasing popularity of attic design, it was used for design of ordinary city apartments. So there was need to create loft curtains, in harmony with industrial decoration and decor.

loft curtains, features and characteristics for loft style curtains

Blinds in loft style

Many designers suggest using loft blinds instead of curtains. They can be horizontal or vertical. The latter options have no alternative if we are talking about apartments with panoramic glazing and very high ceilings.

loft curtains, stylish loft blinds in loft interior design house

It’s recommended to choose single-color versions of light colors.

Blinds, coinciding in color with frame’s color will look original. By the way, it isn’t necessary that they are textile or plastic. A great choice is bamboo blinds, especially matching in color with color of wooden flooring.

loft curtains, loft style blinds in loft interior design

Loft curtains: curtains in kitchen

Choosing kitchen curtains is always not easy. Fact is that in air of such room there are always droplets of soot and grease. During use, fabric becomes dirty, so loft curtains in kitchen don’t brand and make them without complex drapes. Ideal choice is Roman curtains in loft style gray, beige or khaki. In kitchen is also suitable vertical blinds, but they must be plastic. This will allow them to be cleaned often and without problems.

loft curtains, loft style curtains for kitchen

Window decoration of loft living room

For design of window in industrial living room will require curtains in loft style of lightweight fabrics. This choice is dictated by requirement to ensure maximum penetration of sunlight into room.

loft curtains, loft style curtains in loft living room

In order to protect people in living rooms from extraneous eyes in evening, combined design is suitable. For its creation use light tulle and fabric vertical blinds.

The latter during day are in raised state and don’t reduce illumination of room. As option, designers also offer design of living room, for implementation of which designers use shortened curtains in loft style. Designers equip them with eyelets and put on metal pipe as cornice.

loft curtains, loft bed curtains in loft style interior design

Loft curtains: original ideas for decorating windows in loft style

If loft curtains don’t fit you, you can replace them with blackout panel.

loft curtains, fashionable loft style blackout panels

This roll-up curtain collapses and rises, becoming almost invisible. At the same time, in lowered state, it’s absolutely impenetrable, so it’s suitable even for bedroom.

In order to create unusual design, use curtains made of linen. They should look like rustic. This will create unusual contrast with rest of industrial design.

loft curtains, linen loft style curtains in loft interior design

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