Loft style curtains: characteristics and design ideas for curtains in loft style

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Loft style itself is often called “New Yorks”, and it’s quite young style. If you translate literally, then loft means putting under the roof. Basis of this direction in design is maximally spacious and large room with large windows, often similar to factory. Let’s find out loft style curtains trends.

loft style curtains, characteristics and design ideas for curtains in loft style

Loft style curtains: characteristics of style

History of occurrence is very simple, because once, in distant 20th years, it was factory premises that were converted into apartments for American workers. They were sold at half price and were intended for people who aren’t able to buy good expensive housing. No one even suspected how popular such idea would become in history of design.

loft style curtains, characteristics of loft style curtains

Ready loft style curtains aren’t so often seen on market, as most often they are made to order. You can also sew them yourself because they are quite simple in comparison with multilayered curtains.

Curtains in loft style should be:

  • Without any ornaments. Neither ruches, nor bows, nor golden lambrequins, in any case, have place to be in this style of interior.
  • Fabric should be as light as possible. The finest natural flax, tulle, airy and light organza are best for this.

loft style curtains, fabric and materials for loft style curtains

  • Curtain lines must be clear, even geometric shapes, no draperies, and waves.
  • Prefer white color or other pastel tones (beige, gray, coffee with milk and others).
  • Ornament and print in such curtains are allowed, but there are some limitations: it should be either large-sized or in form of photo or graphics.

loft style curtains, trendy colors for loft style curtains

Loft style curtains: design ideas

Huge windows are one of features of loft style, that’s why they also need to be approached carefully to design. Length and design of loft style curtainscan be:

  • smooth and long curtains in the floor
  • rolled
  • Roman design

loft style curtains, stylish Roman loft style curtains

It can be unequivocally said that heavy guipure or fleecy fabrics in products of this style are absolutely inappropriate. Curtains in loft style look like straight sheets on large windows, as already mentioned above.

loft style curtains, trends and tendencies of loft style curtains

Style of loft is rather laconic and simple. Many prefer to use blinds for window design, but it’s curtain that will give that necessary heat and create necessary atmosphere of coziness and comfort.

In addition to main function that curtains perform, they can be used as partitions, since there is no other division of room in this style. One of features of direction of loft is presence of beams on ceiling, which most accurately characterizes factory or factory premises. Thanks to these beams, you can effectively separate sleeping place with curtain.

loft style curtains, divider of rooms with loft style curtains

Loft style curtains: tips and tricks

If height of ceiling isn’t too large, then you can fix one edge of curtain over ceiling beam, the other edge left just to fall down in form of canopy above bed. If height is still large, then you can fix edge of curtains over metal pipes, which should be placed and fixed on wall above bed.


loft style curtains, tips and tricks for loft style curtains

Loft style curtains will also be appropriate for kitchen interior. However, it’s better to choose roll or Roman curtains, as this will be more practical and convenient for room that is often ventilated.

loft style curtains, design ideas for loft style curtains

Main task in loft style is to create cosiness in completely industrial room.

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