Modern Curtains 2024: Top 18 Trendiest Ideas for Your Interior

Modern curtains 2024 are an established element of interior design, which has both functional and decorative purposes. Products should be easy to use, correspond to the stylistic character and practical purpose of the premises.

Curtain trends 2024 have utilitarian and decorative properties: drapery of window and door openings, room zoning, furniture decoration.

They have extensive variability in texture, types of folds, designs, fastenings, and look perfect in combination with bassoon products. Fabrics for curtains can include – satin, velvet, jacquard, chenille, satin, silk, taffeta, matting, cotton, linen, blackout; and tulle – organza, chintz, veil, and micro-veil.

Modern Curtains 2024Top 18 Trendiest Ideas for Your Interior

Curtain design 2024 includes the use of the two main groups of curtains according to the type of control system:

  • Sliding (swing) – a traditional way of decorating window and door openings, fabric canvases move to the right and left. Control mechanisms are manual, mechanical, electrical;
  • Roller – due to a special mechanism, you can raise and collect in folds in the upper part. Control mechanisms are mechanical and electrical.

window treatment trends 2024

Here, we are going to discuss some of the best variants for modern curtains 2024.

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Classic sliding curtains are ideal for almost any interiors. Above all, they are optimal for the bedroom and living room, which often consist of two rows:

Drapes – vertical curtains that completely cover the window opening, protect from the penetration of bright sunlight. They contain heavy dense fabrics; hence they can be an independent main element or a part of window decoration.

Semi-transparent curtains are vertical curtains that partially or completely cover the window. They contain translucent fabrics, are decorative, and let in the sun’s rays.

window covering trends 2024

  • Eyelets and rings – plastic and metal rings sewn or sewn at an equal distance from each other in the upper part of the canvas, strung on the cornice and form uniform, voluminous folds;

  • Loops – sewn on the curtain from the front or seamy side and strung on the cornice;
  • Ties – two fabric strips are sewn to the upper edge of the fabric and tied to the cornice, mainly used for light fabrics;
  • Drawstring – fastening directly to the cornice due to the drawstring pocket into which they thread the rod.

Modern Curtains 2024: Top 18 Trendiest Ideas for Your Interior

Modern Curtains 2024 Decor Elements

Lambrequin – decorative horizontal drapery at the top in front of the curtains, hiding the cornice.

There are four types:

  • Swag – a variant of a soft lambrequin, consists of many round or semicircular draperies;
  • Jabot (De Jabot) – a hanging drapery of a soft lambrequin, looks like a tie, most often complements a swag;
  • Bando is a hard, smooth lambrequin, it can have a smooth, serrated, or wavy edge;
  • The cascade is a wavy drapery falling obliquely.

Modern Curtains 2024: Top 18 Trendiest Ideas for Your Interior

They differ from classic curtains as they do not move apart to the end but are draped diagonally due to the cords passed through the rings from the seamy side of the product.

Italian curtains are unique with their volumetric cylindrical hand fold of a semicircular shape along the upper edge. Inherent in the classic-historical styles of the baroque, empire, and rococo.

They are for decorating large and arched windows in living rooms, in bedrooms, and children’s bedrooms, usually combined with other types of sunscreen products.

window treatment trends 2024

Curtain Design 2024: Japanese Panels

Japanese curtains are screens – several panels with fabric cover. They are attached to the profile guides and move along a given plane, have one-sided or central sliding.

Typical for laconic and ethnic styles, they are for decorating windows, doorways, and room zoning.

Modern Curtains 2024: Top 18 Trendiest Ideas for Your Interior

Compact café curtains cover only the lower half of the window, the cornice is installed either inside the window opening or frame or against the wall outside.

It is preferable to supplement them with a light lambrequin from similar fabric.

Besides, they are practical in care and look harmonious in the interiors of Provence, country, rustic, and shabby chic kitchens.

Modern Curtains 2024: Top 18 Trendiest Ideas for Your Interior

Rope Curtain Ideas 2024

They contain rain thread, muslin, beads, rhinestones, and glass beads, they can consist of the same elements or combine several types of details.

They are two types of them – muslin and solid. Use them to decorate windows, doorways, and highlight areas in the room. So, they often play the role of tulle in the interior and look absolutely gorgeous in combination with fabrics of different density and texture.

Austrian (scalloped) Curtain Design 2024

The canvas is either up to the window sill or in half of the window, with the help of cords passing through the rings from the inside of the product, form horizontal and vertical folds, in the lower part there are voluminous soft semicircular folds – scallops.

Austrian curtains do not fully open, which creates a capturing environment and emphasizes the splendor and luxury of classic interiors.

Modern Curtains 2024: Top 18 Trendiest Ideas for Your Interior

French (marquise) Curtain Design 2024

Similar to the Austrian ones, horizontal and vertical assemblies are formed on the back of the cord and rings. French curtains have gathered rounded folds along the entire length, both in the raised and lowered position.

The height can be up to the windowsill or the floor. They are for decorating bedrooms and living rooms in classic styles.

Roman (Romanesque) Curtain Design 2024

A cloth of fabric, along which fiberglass inserts have an equal distance, rings are on top of the reverse side of the product and cords are threaded. When you lift it, the fabric is folded in horizontal lines.

One of the most versatile models, suitable for all types of premises, is a perfect option for modern interiors.

window covering trends 2024

London (English) Curtain Design 2024

They are similar in design to the Roman ones – the canvas is collected and rises up, but draped with lush bow folds, creating broken lines. The products are typical for interiors of English classics.

Blinds as Modern Curtains 2024

Blinds are a separate group of sun protection systems that differ in functionality and practicality in use. The system consists of lamella plates united by cords and chains, forming a canvas, distinguished by the type of orientation:


The lamellas move along the window slope, the height of the product either up to the window sill or only covers the upper part of the window, visually stretching the room. They are from aluminum, wood, textiles, plastic. Mostly used in modern interiors.

Modern Curtains 2024: Top 18 Trendiest Ideas for Your Interior


Lamellas are mounted on a window sash or frame.

They rise horizontally to the top of the window, visually expanding the space. In classic interiors, wood products are popular. You can frame them curtains. In contrast, minimalist ones are from plastic and aluminum.

Modern Curtains 2024: Top 18 Trendiest Ideas for Your Interior

So, for eco-friendly and ethnic styles, opt for bamboo blinds.

Types of Horizontal Blinds as Modern Curtains 2024

Modern Curtains 2024: Top 18 Trendiest Ideas for Your Interior

Here are the main types of horizontal blinds:

The fabric, coiled on a shaft, is hidden under the box and fixed above the window opening or on the window sash. Due to a special control mechanism, it is possible to lower them to the required level and fix it. They are perfect for laconic modern interiors.

Modern Curtains 2024: Top 18 Trendiest Ideas for Your Interior

Pleated curtain design 2024

The same folds laid along the entire length form a pleated fabric.

They have different options for the direction of the folds, which allows you to decorate windows of complex structures – attic, triangular, and arched.

Modern Curtains 2024: Top 18 Trendiest Ideas for Your Interior

 Modern Curtain Design 2024: Silk

Silk consists of 100% natural fiber – silkworm thread, which has high antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties. This material is absolutely lightweight, flexible, and at the same time dense. So, it perfectly fits with graphic broken folds.

In order to emphasize the extravagance of the fold – the texture of the fracture, you can lay the canvas on the floor. Textiles from long silk threads practically do not wrinkle.

The main characteristic of natural silk is its moderate sheen. In the play of light, a texture appears that shimmers in various shades. Apart from this, silk fiber has a triangular cross-section, due to which, like a prism, reflects and refracts light reflections.

Due to the shiny glossy surface, it visually expands the space.

Modern Curtains 2024: Top 18 Trendiest Ideas for Your Interior

Decorating windows and doorways with silk have a lot of variations: straight or hand-folded porters, multilayer French curtains, Roman shades, Japanese panels, etc.

Since the fiber is highly susceptible to fading, a liner must be used for sunscreen products.

Combination of Textures in Modern Curtains 2024

Silk is harmonious in tandem with glossy textures: glass, stones, metal, or wood. So, you can dilute the coldness of the fabric by contrasting it with suede.
Silk fabrics are demanding in their care: consequently, you cannot wash them, only dry cleaning, ironing with an iron, and a steam generator on a delicate mode is acceptable.

Modern Curtains 2024: Top 18 Trendiest Ideas for Your Interior

 Modern Curtain Design 2024: Velvet

As a rule, for draping windows and doorways, thus you can use velvet in the form of curtains, with a hand-laid volumetric classic fold.

Since the fabric itself is voluminous and has texture, there is no practical need to use complex designs.

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Modern Curtains 2024: Top 18 Trendiest Ideas for Your Interior
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