Modern house interior: elegant design for those who appreciate beauty

Is it possible to combine luxury of historical interiors with comfort inherent in modern styles? Do you think that you can’t achieve such a compromise? Then we represent modern house interior design ideas.

modern house interior, design for those who appreciate beauty

Modern house interior

Specialists recommend decorating all rooms in house in same style. And this is quite logical since it allows creating harmonious interior, rather than turning dwelling into museum of design styles.

So before you begin to design your house, think about whether you are approaching modern as design option for kitchen or bedroom.

modern house interior, kitchen design in modern style


At one time, modern house interior was created in opposition to Classicism. It involves striving for everything natural. Modern, to some extent, is eco-style of the late 19th century.

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modern house interior, plants in modern house interior

Main decorative material in this design is natural tree of valuable species. It should be carefully processed in such way as to reveal all smart texture of natural wood.

modern house interior, use of glass in modern house interior

In addition, modern style in interior involves use of colored glass, including a variety of stained-glass windows, the main motive of which are flowers, sun and trees.

Modern house interior: color palette, lines, and shapes

Modern house interior is suitable for those who avoid bright colors. The basis of its palette consists of shades of brown scale, as well as sand, beige, creamy and purple.

Mandatory is use of black, which can be replaced by dark brown.

modern house interior, colors in modern house interior

When creating such interior, all bright colors, such as red, orange, green electric, etc., will be suitable. Presence of white in such interior is possible, but it shouldn’t be dominant.

modern house interior, trendy colors in modern house interior

Characteristic feature of modern style is use of smooth, maximally natural lines. In silhouettes of furniture and other interior items, there are concave and convex surfaces.

We welcome use of screens, stair rails, etc., which repeat bends of branches of trees and plant stems.

Modern house interior: textile and fixtures

Chic curtains and upholstery is another feature that distinguishes modern interior of living room and bedroom. Expensive natural fabrics, especially velvet and velour noble flowers, will be suitable.

modern house interior, fabric trend in modern house interior

It’s important to pick up solid, wide cornices from valuable, dark woods. They can be unusual, curved shape. Main requirement is for cornice, fix it directly to ceiling.

Glass plays important role in design of modern interior. First of all, it concerns fixtures.

modern house interior, chandeliers in modern house interior

Best fit chic chandelier from crystal. They make decoration of premises more statutory and admirable.

Those who like modern house interior, you can advise applying not only ceiling but also wall lights. Perfectly fit in design of forged chandeliers with original shades in form of glass flowers and leaves.

modern house interior, wall design in modern house interior

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Modern house interior: elegant design for those who appreciate beauty
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