Scandinavian home design: features and trends of Northern minimalism

There are much more important things than buying useless baubles and cleaning up cluttered apartment for hours. Do you agree? Then create Scandinavian home design. How to do this, we will tell in this article.

Scandinavian home design, top trends and design ideas

Scandinavian home design: common features of Northern minimalism

Thus Scandinavian home design is close to minimalism. This is due to fact that inhabitants of Northern Europe for millennia were forced to economically spend scarce natural resources. Thus this taught them to be content with small and limit their needs.

Scandinavian home design, features of Scandinavian home design

Interior in Scandinavian style involves use of only natural finishing materials. Give preference to everything that is typical for regions near Arctic Circle. It’s, first, tree, mainly conifers, stone, and ceramic tiles.

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Scandinavian home design, trends of Scandinavian home design

The motto of those who chose Northern design should be phrased «Nothing superfluous».

Designers don’t recommend using any items that have no practical purpose. This means that in role of decor should make lamps, hangers for outer clothing, etc.

Scandinavian home design, design ideas for Scandinavian home interior

Scandinavian home design: stylish colors and furniture

So Scandinavian home design looks marvelous in light colors. Painting walls, floor, and ceiling in white, gray or blue color visually increase room.

Scandinavian home design, trendy colors of Scandinavian home design

Interior in Scandinavian style uses mean palette of pastel shades. To revive it, designers use textiles with ethnic ornament or stripes.

Scandinavian home design, trendy hues in Scandinavian home design


Scandinavian style: this is maximum open space.

Although today you can find studios with features of Northern design, however, such layout for him isn’t typical. Only compromise is unification of kitchen and living room.

In this case, you can use simple storage systems with white facades. Or you can do even more radical, using usual racks.

Such interior in Scandinavian style will acquire features of super popular loft.

Scandinavian home design, Scandinavian style kitchen design

For Northern living room are characteristic also small table and chairs. Most often, original design models are in fashion, which along with their main function act as decor.

Scandinavian home design, Scandinavian style living room design

Scandinavian home design: textile and lighting ideas


You can enliven interior in Scandinavian home design with help of textiles. Pay particular attention to design of bed. Its simple design compensates by use of cozy bedspread with many pillows.

Scandinavian home design, pillows in Scandinavian home design

Stylish Scandinavian style doesn’t allow use of kits. This means that cushion covers on pillows should be made from different fabrics and differ in design from design of bedspread.

Scandinavian home design, lighting ideas in Scandinavian home design

So Northern design assigns an important role to lighting. In countries where significant part of year light day lasts only few hours, they try to make the most of every ray of sun.

Houses are specially planned with large panoramic windows. In addition, creating an interior in Scandinavian style, you should abandon usual curtains. Thus, they can be replaced by vertical or horizontal blinds of white light.

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Scandinavian home design: features and trends of Northern minimalism
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