Scandinavian interior design: main features, trends in Scandinavian style

Scandinavian interior apartments remain the most popular in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland. Thus, inhabitants of Northern Europe remain faithful to traditions and continue to improve their style. Modern Scandinavian style in the interior of the apartment looks laconic and tasteful.

Also, local residents don’t have a craving for pomposity and wealth. Let’s see what Scandinavian interior design ideas are in fashion.

Scandinavian interior design, top trends and ideas for Scandinavian interior design

Scandinavian interior design:  a bit of history and main features

Protracted dark winters left an imprint in arrangement of Scandinavian interior design, so in interior dominate white color, as well as objects made of crystal.

Thus, this decision makes it clear that winter remains a favorite season, but at the same time, there is desire to enjoy a lot of bright days. There are two variants of Scandinavian interiors of houses.

Scandinavian interior design, features for Scandinavian interior design

The first option tends to interiors of Sweden, 18-19 centuries. This design prefer owners, who want to emphasize their well-being, but without monumentally and pretentiousness.

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The second personifies softness, conciseness, and functionality. It doesn’t provide for antique furniture and paintings in massive frames, but there is enough home comfort in it.

Scandinavian interior design, variants of Scandinavian interior design

The final advantage in favor of northern motives occurred on the initiative of Gustav III, who was the fashion trendsetter of the time.

Until the late 19th and early 20th century, Gustavian style was popular in Nordic countries. He who is a predecessor of Scandinavian modern interior.

Scandinavian interior design, history of Scandinavian interior design

Scandinavian interior design: main features

Scandinavian interior design represents practicality, naturalness, restraint and even some coldness.

Consider what other features combine interior design in Scandinavian style:

  • Functionality with minimalism

Decor and details are minimal, furniture is only the most necessary. At first glance, decorative object can have practical purpose.

Scandinavian interior design, minimalism in Scandinavian interior design, lighting in Scandinavian interior design

  • Lots of light

In order light rays penetrate into rooms, windows are often made large and complement them with light tulle and light curtains.

  • Furniture of simple shape, light, practical and elegant at the same time.

Popular roomy shelves and shelving, on which you can put things to create space in rooms. Shape of furniture is rectangular or slightly rounded. Thus combine it with cabinet-type furniture.

Scandinavian interior design, furniture in Scandinavian interior design

  • Main Scandinavian colors in interior are white, beige, blue, silver-gray, muted shades of yellow.

Predominant color is always white. As inclusions, you can use bright colors, which will bring zest into reserved environment.

Scandinavian interior design, trendy colors in Scandinavian interior design

  • Patterns are either absent or neutral.
  • On the floor, warm soft carpets and animal skins predominate.
  • Preference is given to natural and environmentally friendly materials: wood, stone, gypsum plaster.
  • Cotton, linen, and wool are most often used as textiles.
  • As accessories use various lighting fixtures: floor lamps, sconces, table lamps. Also, mirrors without massive frames are used.

Scandinavian interior design, materials in Scandinavian interior design

Scandinavian interior design: accommodation in Scandinavian style

Consider options for implementation of Scandinavian interior design.


Front door, like other doors in Scandinavian interior, should be wooden. Color of varnish of door must be close to natural colors.

Vertical surfaces look marvelous in pastel or slightly creamy colors. Although white is the most suitable color, it’s impractical in hallway, since it can quickly lose its whiteness due to human factors. Lower part of walls with wooden panels will be trendy.

Scandinavian interior design, hallway design in Scandinavian interior style

Make walls darker. As material, you can use stone of cool shades. Therefore, lighting is advisable to make in form of several hanging chandeliers with shades of white, frosted glass.

Living room

In order to arrange interior of living room in Scandinavian style, it’s best to choose spacious room with large windows on sunny side of house.

Cover walls with decorative gypsum plaster of white color. Also, it’s possible to make beautiful texture in form of uncomplicated pattern during application of plaster. So you can spread parquet or laminate on floor.

Scandinavian interior design, living room in Scandinavian interior design

Design of living room will complement fireplace, which will warm in cold, winter evenings. Vertical fireplace zone is advisable to overlay with white brickwork, and foot with dark tiles or stone.

Scandinavian interior design: accommodation of bedroom and kitchen


Wall at head of bed can be trimmed with wood, and rest you can cover with decorative stucco pastel color. Leave ceiling white. Parquet or laminate floor will be perfect.

Choose color, considering same factors as when choosing floor for living room. In bed area, place fleecy carpet or animal skin.

Place double bed in rectangular shape with minimum headboard or without it.

Scandinavian interior design, bedroom design in Scandinavian style

On sides of bed are two laconic pedestals of light color, on which there are small lamps with matte, white glass. Suitable for bedroom design in Scandinavian style will be the central chandelier made of crystal. You can also use floor lamp with plafond light color.


Scandinavian kitchen interior, like other rooms, personifies space, functionality and restrained elegance. Make walls, especially in cooking area with white tiles. In dining area, they can be covered with plaster of light tones.

Tile, stone or laminate is suitable for floor. Color of floor is either cold shade or color of natural wood.

To implement design of kitchen in Scandinavian style, use light-colored cabinet furniture in which you can store objects of kitchen life.

Scandinavian interior design, kitchen design in Scandinavian style

Select dining table with wooden surface and thin legs. Also, central lighting will complement styling in form of several chandeliers with glass shades of light tones.

Scandinavian interior design: accommodation of bathroom

Bathroom in Scandinavian interior design should embody freshness and purity of northern edge. Thus, in it, one should feel surge of strength and energy.

Therefore, interior of bath in Scandinavian style should be made using cold sea colors and, of course, white.

You won’t lose if you make walls white, or one of them, as well as floor, decorate with material with blue color.

Scnadinavian interior design, bathroom in Scandinavian style

Interesting accent of Scandinavian bathroom interior can be shower curtain with print in form of sea depths.

Add to the Scandinavian bathroom design mirror, on each side of which there are wall lamps with shades in form of ice floes.

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Scandinavian interior design: main features, trends in Scandinavian style
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