Scandinavian style chandeliers: trendy Scandinavian style lighting ideas

Chandelier is complement to interior, which can become key to successful project. It provides adequate light in room, and can create unique atmosphere. Increasingly, designers create lighting devices that correspond to certain style. This allows you to choose harmonious lighting for each interior. Today we will talk about Scandinavian style chandeliers.

Scandinavian style chandeliers, trendy Scandinavian style lighting ideas

Scandinavian style chandeliers: features and trends

The most recent hit is Scandinavian style chandeliers. They are very simple in design and have elegant look, so they can fit into almost any room. This option is popular choice when planning modern lighting in interior.

Scandinavian style chandeliers, features of Scandinavian style chandeliers

Scandinavian style is combination of minimalism and natural elements, which is also reflected in lighting. Modern lamps in Scandinavian style and chandeliers are very prominent in interior, and, due to their low-key originality, are often its decoration.

Chandelier should be the last element that is bought in process of equipping room.

It’s important that this accessory matches entire design of room, so it’s best to select it when all furniture is already in room.

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This will help you choose the right model. Chandeliers in Scandinavian minimalist style can contain elements such as wood and metal that will be in harmony with similar elements in other stylized objects in the room.

Color of wood can be natural, as well as popular bleached wood. Chandeliers are usually complementing to the interior, but if you choose larger models, they come to the fore.

Scandinavian style chandeliers, trends for Scandinavian style chandeliers

Scandinavian style chandeliers: Scandinavian chandeliers in kitchen and nursery

Scandinavian style chandeliers in kitchen should be of high quality. Kitchen is room in which there is often high air temperature and high humidity. Interior items here are quickly polluted, as they fall on steam with particles of fat, which sticks to dust and all together forms dirty plaque.

Therefore, paper chandeliers aren’t suitable for this room.

Scandinavian style chandeliers, kitchen Scandinavian chandeliers

Also, not good idea for kitchen is model consisting of many small elements.

It’s easiest to clean products with simple design and smooth surface, resistant to cleaning. Therefore, choose lamp body from glass or wood, treated with varnishes or paint.

Lighting in nursery

This northern style is good option for nursery. In order to give room interesting look, you can buy chandelier or Scandinavian style lamps that have universal and timeless look, so even after a few years will be relevant and interesting.

Scandinavian style chandeliers, Scandinavian style chandeliers for nursery

For children’s room, Edison’s lamps will also be excellent choice, which consists of single large bulb and interesting frame, for example, from colored or metal frame.

Scandinavian style chandeliers, Scandinavian chandeliers for kids room

Fashionable solution for children is use of garlands of balls. Another interesting variant of lighting for nursery is lamp in form of balloons.

Scandinavian style chandeliers: lighting in Scandinavian living room

For living room, you can choose any material for modern Scandinavian style chandeliers. This can be paper and wooden chandeliers, options that are close to classical style of crystal or with candle-shaped lamps.

Scandinavian style chandeliers, living room chandeliers in Scandinavian style

Here Edison light bulbs, metal-framed lights, classic floor lamp will be useful.

Excellent solution will be illumination of individual zones by lamp: floor lamp with adjustable height.  Long adjustable lever allows you to install lamp in the most convenient position.

Scandinavian style chandeliers, floor lamps in Scandinavian style

You can also choose several spotlights in chrome or glass lampshades, they can have simple shapes.

Scandinavian style loves light and space, which play very important role in this interior. You can also choose lamps in industrial design with modern geometric shapes. Scandinavian refinement allows us to combine both these forms, and we will give interior inner temperament.

Scandinavian style chandeliers, stylish Scandinavian style chandeliers

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Scandinavian style chandeliers: trendy Scandinavian style lighting ideas
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