Scandinavian style house: mix of minimalism and eco-style in one interior

Scandinavian style of house outside of Northern Europe began to be popular relatively recently. Such residential buildings are beautiful and comfortable. This article will tell you how interior and facade of Scandinavian style house look.

Scandinavian style house, stylish design ideas and tips for Scandinavian house

Scandinavian style house: design ideas and features

The pace of life of modern man forces him to give up everything that isn’t necessary. Today, we value things not by things, but by impressions. This aspiration we can notice in the interior style of minimalism, which implies rejection of everything superfluous.

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It, as good as possible, corresponds to desire for economy, which distinguishes Scandinavian people.

However, eco-style is in Scandinavian style house trend. Residents of mega cities want to be as close to nature as possible and refuse artificial materials.

Scandinavian style house, stylish trends for Scandinavian house design

This is what attracts Scandinavian style of house: it unites minimalism and eco-design, and also adds to it note of rural comfort.

True, this design we can’t call budget since natural wood, stone, and leather is much more expensive than synthetic analogs.

Scandinavian style house, features for Scandinavian style house


Scandinavian house is clear straight lines. Such facilities are 1-2-storey, straight and square. Obligatory element is porch, which, as a rule, is protected by canopy.

No balconies are equipped, since in winter they will accumulate snow.

Scandinavian style house, exterior design for Scandinavian style house

For facing facades, most often designers use wood. You can simply cover with impregnation that prevent decay or color in discreet color (black, white, mouse, etc.).

Combine wood with stone, plaster, metal and even with concrete.

scandinavian style house, exterior design of scandinavian style house

Scandinavian house also involves use of large panoramic windows.

Scandinavian style house: modish tips and tricks

Maximum comfort: this is the quality that distinguishes Scandinavian style house. Everything that doesn’t belong to necessities of life, there is no place in such interior.

scandinavian style house, stylish tips for scandinavian style house

In particular, this explains minimalism in decor. It, as such, is practically nonexistent. Main decoration is spacious open spaces, graphic paintings, and abundance of soft textiles.

The latter designers use only as decoration for sofas, armchairs, and beds.

scandinavian style house, trendy colors for scandinavian style house

Scandinavian house doesn’t involve use of curtains. If they are still applied, then choose the simplest, natural textiles of white or pale gray color.

Scandinavian style house: planning and furnishing

Traditional Scandinavian style house is large open space. However, unification of kitchen and living room isn’t welcome. Nevertheless, today there are Scandinavian dwellings turned into spacious studios.

scandinavian style house, kitchen design in scandinavian style house

For decoration of premises use plaster, and also painting in white, gray and in pale blue color.

scandinavian style house, living room design in scandinavian style

Floors in this interior are usually wooden. So in kitchen, you can use light tiles, including those with traditional ornaments. As for ceilings, beams and various structural elements exhibit.

scandinavian style house, furniture in scandinavian style house

Vintage items predominate in furniture. However, we aren’t talking about antiques. Rather, it’s furniture, typical for the 60-70s of the last century, painted with light paint.

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Scandinavian style house: mix of minimalism and eco-style in one interior
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