Scandinavian style interior: TOP trends and ideas of Scandinavian design

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Simple and tasteful: this is how you can briefly characterize Scandinavian style. We will tell what you need to know in order to create your own authentic interior. It also has opponents: someone thinks that such facilities look typical. But examples of implemented projects disprove this statement: it turns out that house can be made cozy and stylish. We will find out trends and features of Scandinavian style interior.
Scandinavian style interior, top trends and tips for Scandinavian interior

Open windows

Ensuring flow of light into room is key task that designers have to deal with decorating Scandinavian style interior. To maximize lighting of room, drape windows with either very thin tulle, or generally left without textile decoration.

Scandinavian style interior, open windows, light colors

Light colors

Light walls are indispensable attribute of any Scandinavian interior, and usually they are covered with one-color paint, not being afraid that they will quickly get dirty. It isn’t necessary to choose white: Scandinavians use dozens of light colors, each of which creates its own mood in interior.

Worthy alternative will be milk, color of melted milk, cream, parchment, beige, gray or even cool blue.

Scandinavian style interior, trendy colors in Scandinavian style interior

Free Space

Residents of Scandinavia, often live in small apartments and have learned to solve problem of furniture placement. First, it’s bought at minimum: all items must be functional; secondly, grouping it with mind, create semantic zones in single space without additional walls.

Combined rooms

Small footage of apartment isn’t reason to give up comfort. Combine living room with kitchen or balcony, set up small study or dressing room in bedroom. Scandinavian style welcomes creative approach to combining functions of rooms.

Scandinavian style interior, free space, combined rooms in Scandinavian style interior

Scandinavian style interior: design ideas

Balanced geometry

Direct lines smooth with help of rounded forms, and rounded, on the contrary, structure by straight lines. This rule of harmony works not only in Scandinavian style interior, but here, perhaps, it’s especially virtuosic. Making out interior, follow balance of lines: choosing strict rectangular sofa, decorate adjacent wall with round mirror or delicate light source.

Scandinavian style interior, balanced geometry, warm color accent

Warm color accent

If cold shades don’t dilute with warm accents, house will look unnecessarily strict. Sometimes designers specifically achieve this effect due to minimalistic environment, but if you want to add drop of comfort to Scandinavian interior, add elements of brighter tones. For example, paint one wall in bedroom in contrasting color or simply revitalize interior with accessories of juicy warm shades.

Natural wood

Natural wood in Scandinavian interiors is literally everywhere: floor and ceiling, wall panels and furniture are made of it. As material can serve any wood: untreated or varnished, whole rocks and parquet board.

Scandinavian style interior, natural wood in Scandinavian style interior

White furniture

This isn’t the strictest rule of decoration in Scandinavian style: to put white furniture set against white wall is challenge that not everyone will decide. However, most designers prefer this kind of products, in second place is unpainted wood. In order interior doesn’t look faceless, supplement it with objects of dark wood or black forged accessories.

Scandinavian style interior, white furniture in Scandinavian style interior

Scandinavian style interior: stylish features

Simple lighting fixtures

Scandinavians aren’t admirers of ostentatious luxury. Typically, give preference to creative, but simple in design lamps, spotlights, and discreet lighting.

Scandinavian style interior, lighting ideas, eco decoration in Scandinavian style interior


This may seem strange in the 21st century, but in Scandinavian style interior there is still imprint of pagan beliefs of the northern peoples. Scandinavians tend to treat nature with reverence, so in many interiors one can find decor in form of untreated knots of wood and a lot of living plants.

Furs and Northern Ornament

Textiles is one of main tools for warming house. Plaids and bedspreads with northern ornaments will make your Scandinavian interior even more authentic. Insulate floor with help of carpet or fur skins, and options are suitable both for natural and artificial materials.

Scandinavian style interior, furs and carpets in Scandinavian style interior

Care for planet

Of course, in Scandinavian interiors one can also find plastic chairs and other synthetic details, but in most cases, northerners choose materials that are easily recyclable. In course often come unexpected materials: paper lamps, cardboard partitions and other rapidly decomposable decor.

Scandinavian style interior, paper lamps, cardboard partitions

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