Small room interior: 55 Photos+Videos of Successful Small Room Design

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Arrangement of comfortable space in small area requires great skill. Fortunately, there are techniques that allow decorating interior of small room so that it seems bigger and doesn’t put pressure on people who live there. About small room interior designs, we will discuss in this article.

small room interior, all trends and design ideas in one article

Small room interior: use visual effects

In order to decorate small room interior, use light finishing materials.

Prefer warm tinges. Especially such advice is relevant with regard to color of floor. Applying light laminate, you can get effect of more spacious room.

small room interior, finishing materials in small room interior

As for visual effects that raise ceiling, light wallpaper in vertical stripes will be perfect. You can also make frame on perimeter of ceiling in lighter tone than main color. Paint it with same paint as walls, and place of joint covered with white molding.

small room interior, trendy wallpapers in small room interior

Furniture selection rules

Interior of small room should be minimal in terms of use of furnishings. In particular, it should be:

  • use cabinets, sofas, beds, and small tables;
  • arrange furniture in order of increasing size, smallest ones are at door, and large ones are near wall or window opposite;

  • choose cabinets with polished surfaces or with mirrors;
  • use transforming furniture.

small room interior, furniture in small room interior design

Small room interior: textiles and lighting ideas

Although many modern design styles offer to abandon curtains, comfortable small room interior without them is difficult to imagine.

small room interior, curtains in small room interior design

For window decoration, we recommend using light translucent curtains. If it’s necessary in the evening to protect internal space of room from prying eyes, then combine them with blinds.

small room interior, design ideas for small room interior

By the way, in order for ceiling to appear higher, designers recommend to fix cornices directly on ceiling, and curtains to choose length in floor.


Designers believe that interior of small room will be more attractive if you create correct lighting system in it. It should combine ceiling chandeliers and sconces, as well as a spotlight.

small room interior, lamps in small room interior design ideas

Once again, we remind you of need to use mirrors. Light from lamps will be reflected in them, multiplying many times and making room visually spacious.

small room interior, mirror design in small room interior

Two-level layout for small room interior

For creating cozy small room interior will help two-tier planning. True, this option is appropriate for those who live in buildings with high ceilings. They can arrange bed on cupboard or on shelter, located above workplace. These solutions will be excellent choice for children’s or room for teenager or student.

small room interior, two-level layout in small room interior design

Bed can even be suspended. However, since it should be placed above human growth, swinging options will not work.

Small room interior design photos

small room interior, trendy two-level layout design for small room