Wallpaper for living room

If you are bored with monophonic walls in living room, we offer to refresh their appearance, experiment with wallpaper design, color and wallpaper texture. You can use wallpaper for living room to add accents into room, to allocate a niche or wall, emphasize attractiveness of furniture, for instance, nice chair, or simply complement the basic color scheme used in living room interior. You can consider the option of applying flower wallpaper on the rear wall of shelving to create a colorful background for books.

Wallpaper-for-living-room-living-room-wallpaper-wallpaper-design Wallpaper-for-living-room-living-room-wallpaper-wallpaper-design-1

Wallpaper for living room is great way to add interesting details of interior, or even change living room décor, depending on chosen design.

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Colored wallpaper ideas

Striped wallpaper in blue shades will help to convey relaxed sea mood of the, while the wallpaper in a wide contrasting stripes will set the pace for bold, unusual feelings.

Wallpaper-for-living-room-living-room-wallpaper-wallpaper-design-2 Wallpaper-for-living-room-living-room-wallpaper-wallpaper-design-3


Flower wallpaper design should not be traditional. You can find many modern wallpaper designs, including variations on flora and fauna theme. Themed wallpaper with forest motifs will add wonderful view to free space and will calm glance, especially when combined with abundance of fresh flowers in room. You can even use wallpaper with tropical palm trees to get the resort mood.

Wallpaper-for-living-room-living-room-wallpaper-wallpaper-design-5 Wallpaper-for-living-room-living-room-wallpaper-wallpaper-design-6

Wallpaper-for-living-room-living-room-wallpaper-wallpaper-design-7 Wallpaper-for-living-room-living-room-wallpaper-wallpaper-design-8

Drawings of animals are suitable not only for kid’s room. You can add an accent to living room, using a thin drawing with birds or butterflies. Or even have a little fun, and select wallpaper for living room with flamingos, dogs and zebras.

Wallpaper-for-living-room-living-room-wallpaper-wallpaper-design-9 Wallpaper-for-living-room-living-room-wallpaper-wallpaper-design-10

Are you in mood to take over your living room? So take a look our selection of wallpaper for living room for even more inspiration.

Use of neutral gray tones in living room interior will provide with calm mood, but bright yellow floral print will animate it and make more modern. Add a pair of matching pillowcases to tie the whole color scheme.

Wallpaper-for-living-room-living-room-wallpaper-wallpaper-design-11 Wallpaper-for-living-room-living-room-wallpaper-wallpaper-design-12


Want to easily upgrade overexposed plain wallpaper? Use wall murals, blending in with your furniture.


Wallpaper with horizontal stripes will help to make visually larger a small space. Calm wallpaper colors and glossy texture is ultra-stylish solution.


You cannot decide which wallpaper to choose? Use two very contrasting palettes.


Select the working area in living room interior by using contrasting wallpaper.


Wallpaper with a calm traditional prints perfectly combined with vintage furniture.



Excellent combination of traditional style with modern: cell wallpaper design and contrasting carpet.



As you see, interesting wallpaper design can do wonders with the interior. If you need something new, but do not want global repair, all that you need is to replace wallpaper in living room!

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