Home tendencies: Interior design trends 2018


Searching for new decoration ideas? You’re welcomed! Home decor 2018 fully keeps abreast with modern life rhythm, making it pleasant and easier. Interior design trends 2018 unite usefullness, conveniece, eco-friendliness, technologies development, functionality concepts with aesthetics, accented on emotional expressiveness, psychological comfort.

Those tendencies apply even to offices’ designs, as coziness and good mood positive influence on productivity is scientifically proved.

Read our «Home tendencies: Interior design trends 2018» article to discover new decoration ideas.

Home decor 2018: Colors

HOUSE INTERIORS team prepared compilation according to Pantone’s executive director Leatrice Eiseman interwiev.

  • New decoration ideas base on color resourcefulness principle. It means complementary warm and cool shades combination. 2018 presents stylish orange-blue ensembles.

Orange-Blue-Interior-design-trends-2018-home-decor-2018-new-decoration-ideas-Interior design trends 2018

  • Intensive colors slowly replacing pastels.

Intensity-Interior-design-trends-2018-home-decor-2018-new-decoration-ideas-Interior design trends 2018

  • Though, pastels shouldn’t leave us! So called new neutrals, meaning metal shades without shine, decorate calm cozy interiors.

Neutral-metallics-Interior-design-trends-2018-home-decor-2018-new-decoration-ideas-Home decor 2018

  • Pink tones combinations with earthy yellow ones.


  • Nature rules! We won’t afraid of green-red hues combination anymore. Home decor 2018 make light greens meet with berry shades.

Green+Berry-colors-Interior-design-trends-2018-home-decor-2018-new-decoration-ideas-Home decor 2018

  • Colors seeming shining from inside, high-tech inspired, should be welcomed guests even in calmest interiors! Bright purples, turquoise, neon pink, frosty whites – wide choice to try!


  • Free your inner child! Use playful colors you’ve seen in cartoons boldly! Yellow, lime – think of which one makes you smile more!


  • Home decor 2018 catches eye with royal deep rose shades, as Elderberry.


New decoration ideas: Space organization 2018

  • Micro Housing influence

Urban population constant growth will lead to further living space reduction in future. Trend means functional solutions, rational organizing like for small rooms even for big spaces.

  • Smart home

High technologies make life easier and complement interior with unique design.

Smart-home-Interior-design-trends-2018-home-decor-2018-new-decoration-ideas-New decoration ideas

  • Community zone concept

It gives new decoration ideas, going far from traditional models. Concept states: different generations’ and cultures’ representatives’ cohabitant bases on healthy lifestyle, relaxing. And it reflects in combined zones, where, for example, toys from kids’ room stay near safe training apparatus, art nouveau table, African masks and grandmother’s hand-made pillows. Looks really magic!

Community-zone-concept-Interior-design-trends-2018-home-decor-2018-new-decoration-ideas-New decoration ideas

Interior design trends 2018: Sensations’ finishing touches

New decoration ideas should evoke positive emotions efficiently affecting senses!

  • Lighting varies from simple to multidimensional. Lamps should continue whole room composition.
  • Finish comfort creation with home perfumes! Lemon aroma is irreplaceable for office, lavender – for bedroom. Just image Scandinavian interior with fresh coniferous smell… Or eco style room, finely exuding grass, flowers or forest aroma… It creates especial coziness and reality feeling.

Aroma-Interior-design-trends-2018-home-decor-2018-new-decoration-ideas-New decoration ideas

Just avoid perfumes in kitchen!

Hopefully, our «Home tendencies: Interior design trends 2018» article gave you good guides for 2018 home makeover! Wait for new stuff from HOUSE INTERIOR!


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