Interior design 2018: little secrets for tropical living room


What’s tropical living room? Imagine warm sand, boundless sea noise and breeze, juicy fruits, huge trees, incendiary music under beautiful sunshine… Stop dreaming about best holidays – bring tropics home! Interior design 2018 welcomes all ethnic and Eco styles. Tropical home decor includes both trends’ features!

Tropical-living-room-tropical-home-decor-interior-design-2018-Interior design 2018

Our «Interior design 2018: little secrets for tropical living room» article would be interesting for wide audience! Even if you won’t transform full room into improvised «jungle» or «tropical sea shore», few tropical home decor elements can make wonders!

Tropical living room: Basic colors

Imagine tropical landscapes for orientation in color schemes.

  • Usually tropical living room bases on calm ivory, light stone and wood shades. Something, like fair sand.

Ivory-Tropical-living-room-tropical-home-decor-interior-design-2018-Interior design 2018

  • Warm terracotta, clay, sometimes with little red shade often meet in textiles, accessories, particularly walls decor.

Warm-shades-Tropical-living-room-tropical-home-decor-interior-design-2018-Interior design 2018

  • Calm blues remind of sea, ocean majestic beauty.

Blues-Tropical-living-room-tropical-home-decor-interior-design-2018-tropical home decor

  • Greens meet in tropical home decor more with live plants, then somewhere else. Though, you’re welcomed to use clear fair green (for example, on walls), reminding young plants leaves.

Green-Tropical-living-room-tropical-home-decor-interior-design-2018-tropical home decor

Interior design 2018: Trendy ideas

  • Main idea you should keep in mind: tropical living room welcomes light and air! It reflects in space organization, colors, large windows, and, especially, chandelier fans.

Light-and-air-Tropical-living-room-tropical-home-decor-interior-design-2018-tropical home decor

  • Natural materials, especial wooden furniture are inseparable with tropical style. You’re welcomed to try artificially aged wood textures, but pay attention – it should be charming vintage without any hint on brutality!

Wooden-furniture-Tropical-living-room-tropical-home-decor-interior-design-2018-tropical home decor

  • Though, metallic textures get popularity in interior design 2018, minimize them in tropical home decor.
  • Combine noble stone textures and typical nautical decor elements: fishes, shells, ship shapes.

Stone-Tropical-living-room-tropical-home-decor-interior-design-2018-tropical home decor

  • Of course, palm trees or other tropical home plants required!

Plants-Tropical-living-room-tropical-home-decor-interior-design-2018-tropical home decor--tropical living room

  • Fabrics should better be textured. Natural materials, as linen, ideally fit both as dividers (for doors or some room parts) and upholstery, tablecloth.
  • Flowers in vase should bring special charm. Use Hawaiian motifs framing mirrors or portraits for more atmospheric look.

Flowers-Tropical-living-room-tropical-home-decor-interior-design-2018-tropical living room

  • So fashionable in interior design 2018 plaited armchairs should be necessary in that living room!

Plaited-furniture-Tropical-living-room-tropical-home-decor-interior-design-2018-tropical living room

Hopefully, those little secrets in our «Interior design 2018: little secrets for tropical living room» article helped you create extra trendy living room.

Tropical-living-room-tropical-home-decor-interior-design-2018-tropical living room

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