Living room 2018: Trends, photos, ideas and inspiration


Living room 2018 wonders with new interpretations! Bold colors combine with finest taste, styles mixing, textures appear in unexpected places, functionality growth and becomes beautiful – no element without self-expression. Colors remind picturesque landscapes and all details work for their common cause – your comfort and aesthetique pleasure. Materials tend to naturalness and safety for health. Living room designs 2018 combine flowing and some cubistic graphical lines simultaneously – just like it meets in nature! Crystals coexist with smooth stones’ and rivers’ lines.

Living-room-2018-interior-design-2018-living-room-designs-2018-Living room 2018

Interior trends 2018 concentrate here! And you’re welcomed to get trendy living room 2018 just refitting room’s small part!

Read our «Living room 2018: Trends, photos, ideas» to inspire.

Living room designs 2018: Colors

All details become “alive” with colors in interior design trends 2018.

  • Think of tables’, armchairs’, door handles’ shades – how they work with whole ensemble? Often one main bright accent should be made in living room 2018 – unusual multicolored armchair, for example.

Bright-furniture-accent-inLiving-room-2018-interior-design-2018-living-room-designs-2018-Living room 2018

  • Imagine beautiful nature picture… And boldly bring it home – into living room! For example, organize your “lake” with soft denim rug, use pine green or celery for “laws”, make bright orange-red “flowers” accents. It’s all – trendy colors in living room designs 2018.

Landscape-colors-Living-room-2018-interior-design-trends-2018-living-room-designs-2018- living room designs 2018

  • Girlie pastel and playful lemon colors slowly came even into most brutal interiors with grey gamma. It could be even small accents on furniture edges – look beautifully urbanistic.

Girlie-playful-colors-Living-room-2018-interior-design-trends-2018-living-room-designs-2018- living room designs 2018

  • Berry shades as basic ones give some refinement and freshness notes. Though, color companions can fully change their role in our perception. Black creates some dramatic picture with them, pastel greens – serendipity of summer laws.

Berry and Navy blue shades in Living room 2018

  • Blues, especially navy tones, symbolize water element at home. They’re often combined not only with traditional white and sand, but unexpectedly create really cosmic ensemble with violet. Bright contrast spots on navy background are also character for living room 2018. Stricter, but still harmonic combinations made on grey-blue base.

Living room 2018: Furniture

Interior trends 2018 give furniture tendency to retro of 1940-1970. Though, real old furniture won’t work for most of actual styles – trendy ones kept epoch flowing lines and textiles, but interpreted in new way. Art Nouveau nature contours present in living room designs 2018 as well.

Retro-furniture-Living-room-2018-interior-design-trends-2018-living-room-designs-2018-Interior trends 2018


“Crystal” furniture, including glass with geometrical shapes, should be popular also. It’s some tribute to return of fashion for cubism.

Glass-furniture- crystal-look-Living-room-2018-interior-design-trends-2018-living-room-designs-2018

Living room designs 2018 make textures vivid! Accented wooden, marble, stone even cosmic (like Moon, Mars) surfaces appear on furniture, lamps and even rugs. Space theme continues in futuristic shapes also. According to eclecticism, character for interior trends 2018, such items can peacefully coexist with something « incompatible». For example, with Medieval style items.


Space dividers become real masterpieces. It would be: big unusual sofas, beautiful airy or lego ones, plaited dividers from organic materials or even small art installations!



Living room 2018: materials

Generally, living room 2018 tends to make total softness impression! And, of course, materials play main role in that. Soft natural fabrics’ abundance catches eye in any trendy living room! Even still firm materials magically transform in fine works, looking dynamic and flowing. Interior trends 2018 dictate colors, shapes and materials perfect ensemble. It should create not only that total coziness, but some telling story feeling also. Textures «talking» to one another, unite by general motifs or subtones, whole room often reminds some landscape.

Living room 2018 upholstery often catches eye with geometrical patterns, especially cages. Textured ones present also. Baroque influence makes rich velvet appear as upholstery, rugs textile.

Velvet-Living-room-2018-interior-design-trends-2018-living-room-designs-2018-2Another good idea from Baroque epoch – long velvet curtains, sometimes with drapery. Such curtains design is ok for large rooms only. Smaller living room designs 2018 can include velvety curtains also, but avoid rich drapery and bright decorative elements. Choose calm colors, giving harmony and coziness.

Baroque curtains velvet for big and small Living room 2018

Natural wood will be useful not only for flooring, but walls and ceilings’ decor also. Bleached or carelessly looking wood (depending on style) fits for walls and ceilings best. Transparently colored wood looks interesting for walls and furniture. Glass gets new interpretations, creating light reflections in ensemble with metals. Wallpapers are mostly one-toned or geometrically patterned.

Wooden finishing for walls and ceilings in living room 2018 interior trends 2018

Living room designs 2018: Accessories

Living room 2018 finishing touches performed in accessories reflecting your individuality. Even smallest accessories catch eye with materials’ diversity and unexpected usage. As in whole interior, it’s fine works, hand-made or, conversely rough careless, but chic ones.

  • Living room designs 2018 should be integral, so continue interior materials in accessories. Used bleached wood for furniture or walls finishing? Add stylish vase from bleached wood on coffee table! Have glass chairs or table? Create good ensemble with decorative crystal tree in corner.

Materials integrality principle in accessories living room designs 2018

  • Same trick with patterns is ok. For example, repeat floor’s patterns in pillows’ textile. Even some cups with patterns “reflecting” will make your living room more stylish.
  • Something about pillows – they’re never too much in 2018! Combine different colored and patterned ones. It should be better, if they’ll create contrast with sofa’s color.
  • Bright pictures add beautiful accents on walls. Try to keep them in harmony with whole room’s color scheme. Animalistic and fantasy themes, as well, as Baroque paintings reproductions, will be most actual. Pay attention on module pictures – they’ll add pretty dynamics to living room 2018!

Pictures for living room designs 2018

  • Who doesn’t dream about soft flooring? Now it’s realized in unique cool solution. Rugs, imitating floor surface become Interior trends 2018 new black! Here you save both ornamental beauty and coziness.

Floor-texture-imitating-rugs-Living-room-2018-interior-design-trends-2018-living-room-designs-2018-interior design 2018

  • Lamps become large and logically important. Brass, matte metals popularity should grow. Metals beautifully reflecting light, giving some technogenity charm.


Hopefully, soon after reading our «Living room 2018: Trends, photos, ideas» you’ll pleasantly surprise your guests and yourself with unique trendy interior!



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