Nautical decor in interior design

Sea always brings pleasant associations as smell of salt water, soft sand on the beach, smooth sea stones, eventually, relaxing and enjoyable pastime. This is why nautical decor in interior design is so popular; it helps to relax after busy day. Nautical theme decor is more than hundred years old; it came from Mediterranean, where it’s very popular.



Warm colors are slightly used only in pieces of furniture, in textiles. Nautical theme decor is fairly economical way to design interior. Characteristic features of nautical decor are availability of large amounts of textile, inexpensive wooden and wicker furniture and abundance of white, vintage trinkets used in accessories, but not necessarily expensive, they can be simply aged. In general this style looks respectably and expensive.





Nautical decor color spectrum

Basis of nautical decor is clean white color, and it highlighted by shades of blue, from light to very dark. Classical narrow as well as broad strip should exist in interior design. Floor necessarily should be decorated with wood in natural colors, imitating ship’s deck.



Most spread mistake in nautical theme decor is excessive use of blue color, for example, painting of walls in deep blue. Your interior will become too abrupt and gloomy, blue and its dark shades are not unacceptable for general background. Light blue hue and better only on one wall is permitted.




Using nautical decor in different rooms

  • Most often in our latitudes nautical decor is used in bathroom. You can use blue shades not only on walls but also in plumbing, for example, by setting a clear blue bathtub. Blue is color of water, that’s why this color range attracts most people.
  • Boys bedroom in nautical theme decor is classics of genre in general, children enjoy this design, especially if you add pirate accessories in form of ship’s steering and treasure chest.
  • Nautical decor looks most advantageous in living room. This is usually dark wood floors, white walls and soft furnishings in blue and with a pattern or stripe. Numerous accessories as maps, ship models, Globe, boxes and seascapes will complement the final picture of nautical theme decor in living room.
  • In bedroom interior design, this style is also quite common. Walls in white color will make it light and airy and blue blanket or bedding will complete the interior design. Use carpets and mats in natural shades, but seascape above bed will complete the image of the nautical bedroom decor. Nautical decor loves large number of different colorful pillows.

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If you wish to design your home fresh and in our reality, even original, so nautical decor in interior design will suit you. And implementing it does not require too much effort, and most importantly investments. Dark floors and white wallpaper on walls is quite common combination, add some note of blue and cyan, and your interior design will be fresh and inimitable, and atmosphere will remind you rest.

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