Sofa trends 2018 and sofa design 2018: Celebrating comfort!


As comfort becomes designers’ credo, we invite you to discuss sofa trends 2018. After all, that furniture piece is comfort and coziness cornerstone! And in 2018 that «stone» should be softer than ever! Sofa design 2018 plays with shapes’ and materials’ big variety, but it won’t confuse you. Really trendy sofas catching eye with causing desire to lay down on them immediately. That paradise comfort feeling enriched with unique aesthetics of modern furniture decor.

Sofa-trends-2018-sofa-design-2018-modern-furniture-decor-sofa trends 2018

Read our «Sofa trends 2018 and sofa design 2018: Celebrating comfort!!» article to make best choice!

Materials and colors: Sofa trends 2018

  • Soft velour fabrics lead between sofa trends 2018.
  • Color nuances accented with gentle textures transitions of their heterogeneity.

Colors-Sofa-trends-2018-sofa-design-2018-modern-furniture-decor-sofa trends 2018

  • Bright colors become real modern furniture decor According to interior design trends 2018 large sofa should be room’s main accent. So, you’re welcomed to choose bright one even in neutral toned interior.
  • Iridescent upholstery brings some psychedelic and fantasy mood in interior.

Accent-Sofa-trends-2018-sofa-design-2018-modern-furniture-decor-sofa trends 2018

  • In general, sofa design 2018 colors’ variety inspired by nature: stony grays, watery blues, sunny yellows. Brightest sofas upholstery is lush meadow green, scarlet red, all berry tones, black shades richness.

Sofa design 2018: Wow shapes!

  • Sofa trends 2018 tend to large forms, but at the same time to light weight, easy transformations and mobility.
  • Most popular sofa design 2018: l-shape.

L-shaped-Sofa-trends-2018-sofa-design-2018-modern-furniture-decor-sofa trends 2018


  • It will be difficult to differentiate parts (back, armrests or legs) in many new models. They can be hidden or merged, but all that serves main aim: maximum comfort!
  • Modular options realize mobility and flexibility principles. Change your sofa appearance according to your mode!

Modular-and-merged-Sofa-trends-2018-sofa-design-2018-modern-furniture-decor-Sofa design 2018

  • Ikea proposes flexible furniture concept, fitting all-in-one room. So, choose sofa-bed transformer for multifunctional space. Such «turnskin» items make good job for you!

All-in-one-room-Sofa-trends-2018-sofa-design-2018-modern-furniture-decor-Sofa design 2018

  • As unusual models’ wonderful example, we want to separate out Edra’s Boa. It’s not only sofa, it’s comfortable art object!

Boa-Edra-Sofa-trends-2018-sofa-design-2018-modern-furniture-decor-Sofa design 2018

Modern furniture decor: More tips for sofa choice

We told about basics, but sofa trends 2018 don’t end there. Some more tips for choice and decor will guide you to right solution.

  • Modern furniture decor can seek advice from past, especially Art Deco and Art Nouveau. But main principles stay same: softness, more hided supporting elements. Art Nouveau popular shell shapes come actual again.

Art-Nouveu-Sofa-trends-2018-sofa-design-2018-modern-furniture-decor-Sofa design 2018

  • New models will easily change appearance due to multi-layer structure and mobile elements. Experiment with colors!
  • More softness! Sofa design 2018 looks incomplete without pillows! So, choose various ones for harmonious ensemble. Change pillows’ suites for different decors creation: from monochrome to Christmas one!

Pillows-Sofa-trends-2018-sofa-design-2018-modern-furniture-decor-Modern furniture decor

Hopefully, our «Sofa trends 2018 and sofa design 2018: Celebrating comfort!» article gave you good guide for exact choice.

Sofa-trends-2018-sofa-design-2018-modern-furniture-decor-Modern furniture decor

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