Home office ideas: Eco office interior design furniture and accessories


Eco office fully fits modern healthy lifestyle concept. Home office ideas won’t only be beautiful, but reflect environment friendly philosophy also. Live plants and natural light abundance should take care about your eyes health and provide clearer air. Eco interior design use mostly natural materials. They less often cause allergic reactions.

In addition, working process is much more comfortable in soothing environment with nature elements.

Eco-office-home-office-ideas-eco-interior-design-Eco office

Eco interior design unites simplicity, elegance and nature inspired creativity. Maybe, it’s an ideal solution for contemporary home office. If you wanna equipping truly harmonious workplace, eco office is for you! Read our «Home office ideas: Eco office» article.

Eco office: Finishing and furniture

  • The Eco office to some extent challenges technogenicity – it’s neon colors, shining textures and noise, not excluding the presence of modern gadgets. Calm colors, as beige, ivory, azure, white, light gray create harmonizing base. But all bright colors you see in nature can be included here also, just for smaller elements.

Colors-Eco-office-home-office-ideas-eco-interior-design-Eco office

  • Wooden laminate meets as floors finishing most often. Pay attention on lighter shades. Simple wooden floor allowed also.
  • Universal option for walls – some shade of white, as ideal background for brighter items. Interesting option for eco interior design: very light grayish white walls in combination with pure white window frames.
  • Use wood, bamboo or even some plaited panels for finishing too.

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Near-window-Eco-office-home-office-ideas-eco-interior-design-Eco office

  • Table should better stand right near the window. So you’ll get maximum natural light. Take care about right placing (light should fall from left side).
  • Minimalistic functional home office ideas are welcomed. For example, pull-out drawers or table. Pay attention on light wooden ones.

Furniture-Eco-office-home-office-ideas-eco-interior-design-Eco office

  • Some black furniture elements create accent on contours.

Black-in-Eco-office-home-office-ideas-eco-interior-design-home office ideas

Eco interior design: Office accessories from nature

  • Eco office fully represents itself in decorating elements. Include hand-made into home office ideas. Stand for pens from a stone with a notch – why not?

Decor-Eco-office-home-office-ideas-eco-interior-design-home office ideas

  • Eco interior design looks even cozier with plaited baskets and vases. Hanging ones look unbelievably stylish!
  • And, of course, plants make real eco interior design! Need some exotic atmosphere? Choose cacti!

Plants-for-Eco-office-home-office-ideas-eco-interior-design-home office ideas-Eco interior design

Hopefully, our «Home office ideas: Eco office» article helped you to organize working process at healthy stylish place!

Eco-office-home-office-ideas-eco-interior-design-Eco interior design

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Home office ideas: Eco office interior design furniture and accessories
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