Modern office design

Office design

How will modern office look? How will modern office design differ from retro style, Provence, loft, Shabby-chic design, and other design directions? Let’s consider modern office design in more details.

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Your office and a modern office design

When we look at numerous office design ideas in modern style, it’s possible immediately identify some dominants. At first, it is strictness and clearness of lines, many right angles, glass and chrome elements. This is only first glance. Now let’s look more detailed.

  • Walls in office design could be bright or moderately light as beige, gray and ashen. Preferably monochromatic.
  • Doors can have wooden color; it’s quite acceptable, especially if there are other components combined with them in office interior design. In addition, dark (chocolate, wenge etc) is encouraged as door color.
  • Usually when dealing with office, so atmosphere there should be primarily working and managing. Therefore, office furniture is better to choose also dark (thus it can have, for example, vinous or aubergine shade). Furniture should be simple and precise, carved legs, forged backrests and other parts, so characteristic to other interior design directions are not needed.
  • Glass table for magazines will look good in modern office, and could have chrome feet.
  • Chrome, by the way, may occupy significant space in such office interior design. Lampshade with chrome stand, stylish picture frames on walls with gleaming chrome, door handles, etc.; this will give to office design complete modern look.
  • Narrow closet for working literature, journals and notebooks with records will also be convenient to place in modern office. Awesome if modern office design would contain a plurality of glass surfaces and reflect well-chosen ceiling and walls lighting.
  • Spotlights (it’s possible with chrome rims that will look particularly stylish in office interior design) will suit as ceiling lighting.
  • If presence of any technology is implied in your modern office, it also should be chosen carefully: take only modern versions and models! If computer, make sure that it’s flat, stylish and, of course with maximized functionality. No antique trends. Only the freshest, strict and modern trends.

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