Office interior design։ English office

Making a private office in English style is first thing which will occur when speech comes about office interior design. Because many of office designs invariably associated with severity, clarity in furnishing and absence of frills and decorations. In short, English style in office interior for majority of us can become best option. Let’s consider in more details in our «Office interior design։ English office» article.




English style office interior design and its features

How will be characterized English style in office interior? As its known, everything that is somehow related to English design style, generally will have well-defined features like restrain, unobtrusive luxury, strength, and some solemnity mood in atmosphere.

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Furniture for office interior should be selected respectable, reliable and preferably from solid wood (if it isn’t possible, then imitation is fine). Regarding color choice of office decor, dark-brown tones like famous wenge, chocolate and coffee shades would be great decision. For contrast, will suite light colors as beige and ivory.

Colors and contrasts in office decor

It’s not necessary to execute entire office decor only in dark colors, even in desirable solemnity and gloom effect of English office it may become too much. Instead, it’s better to pay attention to contrasting embodiment. Let one wall in office interior remain dark while others are light. Same goes for floor; if floor is dark, tidy bright rug will fix situation.




Interior details of office decor

Curtains, no shutters or other modern embodiment are preferred for windows. English style in office interior has constant association with certain spirit of old times and traditionalism, which certainly missing all these popular nowadays trends, which making everything so minimalist. English style in office decor is tradition and austerity. That is why curtains for windows are better to choose from heavy and reputable materials, which would be capable of creating the necessary blackout in the room when needed, even during the sunny day.

Thereby, English style in office interior is quite actual direction that many people are happy to use in their home or apartment.



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Office interior design։ English office
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