Office Trends 2023: The Result Of Connection With Nature Is A Welcoming Aesthetic With Faraway Feels

office design ideas 2023

Office trends 2023 are all about o find the answer to  most frequent question: how to organize this space?

Files to archive, bills to pay, draft sheets, post-its not to lose…is it a big mess on your desk? Find serenity and order with our storage tips. As a bonus, discover our selection of smart office furniture and accessories!

The office, whether at home or at work, is essential for concentration and productivity. But for that, it must be well organized and in order!

First of all, it is essential to do a thorough job, that is to say sort through your papers. Example ? Differentiate important papers from simple draft sheets. How to proceed?

Put on one side everything that needs to be classified, on the other side what you use on a daily basis and on the other side everything that needs to be processed. Do not hesitate to make a last pile with the files that require reflection!

Office Trends 2023

We will then have to organize all these piles. Provide space depending on the status of the documents. You can use pretty transparent filing bunks with several floors to carefully store your different papers.

This tool will allow you to quickly get your hands on your last invoices or your last repayments to be made. Regarding your already processed documents that you want to keep and archive, we advise you to invest in storage boxes with compartments.

Even if today we tend to write more on our computer, having pencils and pens on your desk encourages the desire to get to work. It will also create a conducive working atmosphere.

Exit pens without caps and those that no longer write.

Also invest in a pot or two of colored pencils for a little touch of pep on the desk. Finally, do not forget all the other essentials such as highlighters, markers, tape, scissors, latte, etc.

To be able to quickly get rid of the papers you no longer need, consider investing in a pretty basket as well as in a device to destroy the paper into small confetti. Because yes, organizing your office well also means having the ability to throw things away often!

Office Trends 2023: The Result Of Connection With Nature Is A Welcoming Aesthetic With Faraway Feels

Finally, to work well and stay organized, you need good lighting. A desk lamp, whether designer or classic, must emit fairly powerful but not aggressive lighting.

Our selection of smart furniture

It is essential that your office as a piece of furniture is practical. If possible, choose one with drawers.

You need enough to accommodate all your papers but also all your office supplies such as your stapler, your paper clips or even your stationery background – pad of paper and envelopes.

You can also place a storage space under your desk, namely a wheeled box.

The latter, for true harmony within the room, should be chosen in the same style as your office. In wood or iron, this space will allow you, for example, to discreetly hide your printer.

It is also essential that the room where your office is located has a closed cupboard. You can store your files there but also lock up your personal belongings in the case of a business office.

Office Trends 2023: The Result Of Connection With Nature Is A Welcoming Aesthetic With Faraway Feels

Finally, hanging shelves will fit perfectly above your desk. On these, you can have books, documentation or binders. Use one color per document theme to make searching easier.

Feel free to add a few decorative items to these shelves to make your environment more pleasant. Objects that are close to your heart, souvenirs, pretty frames… They will allow you to regain your senses during hectic days.

Don’t Forget Your Computer Desk Filing

Once you’ve optimized your office storage, it’s time to put the focus on your computer desk. Creating files, saving documents on a USB key or even regular sorting of your mailbox, remember to be rigorous.

No to the reception desk cluttered with photos, Excel files and Word documents! Remember one thing: to stay focused and efficient, there’s nothing like a well-thought-out and well-structured workspace.

Office Trends 2023: The Result Of Connection With Nature Is A Welcoming Aesthetic With Faraway Feels

This will facilitate your thinking and will undoubtedly help you develop many projects. Whether you work in a business or at home, invest in suitable office furniture and surround yourself with many accessories that facilitate storage. Take the time to think about how to organize, structure and arrange the space.

How to create a wall of frames in your office?

Seen in the most beautiful interiors, the wall of frames is also invited in offices. At a time when teleworking has become the norm, it is important to create a room or a personalized space, conducive to concentration and motivation. The picture wall can be the perfect solution.

With the increase in telecommuting and entrepreneurship, having a dedicated office space is becoming almost essential. In a small dedicated room or integrated into your living space, first choose where to create your workplace.

If you do not yet know in which room to create it, read  and discover our articles on the layout of an office as well as all the tips for creating an ergonomic office.

You can then move on to decorating the room and why not create a frame wall. Trendy for a few seasons, the frame wall comes to change the atmosphere of a room and allows you to brighten up your office with inspiring phrases or colorful illustrations.

It also allows you to express your personality through photos and composition.

If your office is facing a window, decorate one of the perpendicular walls instead and on the contrary, if you work facing a wall, place your wall of frames above your desk.

office design ideas 2023

Are you renting an office space and you can’t make holes in the walls? Fix the frames with stickers and peel them off without tearing the paint. Another solution that has also been all the rage in recent seasons: framed shelves. On one of your walls, simply hang a wooden shelf and put your frames on it.

Choose your composition for the best office trends 2023

An accumulation of frames above your desk or two large format images to your right? There are hundreds of possibilities.

To help you imagine your perfect composition, some decoration sites allow you to create your wall composition in a few clicks and give you a 3D plan of what your composition will look like in your office, in the tones you have selected and the frames you you will have chosen.

Office ideas 2023: Choose the best color

According to some studies, colors have an influence on mood but also on concentration and memory. What color should you choose when looking for images and photos for your office? Discover the meaning of 7 colors and choose your red thread:

  • Pink represents softness and sensuality, perfect for reducing stress.
  • Yellow is considered the ideal color for intellectual activity.
  • Blue is the color of the soul and wisdom, it represented tranquility and promotes reflection.
  • Violet evokes gentleness and meditation, while being linked to the intellect and spirituality.
  • Orange stimulates creative activity while inviting good humor and movement.
  • White purifies and cleanses, while giving an impression of clarity.
  • Gray is a neutral color that encourages curiosity, reflection and imagination.

You can also decide to give your room more character by painting the background wall in one of the colors above.

Before embarking on the layout of your office, keep in mind that your furniture must correspond to your daily life, be functional and as comfortable as possible. If you spend more than 8 hours a day sitting behind your desk, there is no way that your chair will give you back pain, no matter how stylish it is!

Office Trends 2023: The Result Of Connection With Nature Is A Welcoming Aesthetic With Faraway Feels

Rule ? Choose ergonomic furniture, adapted to your needs and adjusted according to your morphology. It is necessary that the height of the desk is in agreement with your seat.

If you work with a computer this can also have repercussions. The good idea? If the budget allows it; get a desk that is height adjustable. This will allow you to work both standing and sitting. Believe us, it changes your life!

On the seat side, there are many models. In addition to classic office chairs, you can work on a large ball or opt for an ergonomic office cushion. Note that the most designer office chair there is is still the leather chair!

If the armchair and the office table must be ergonomic, they are not the only ones to have to be. In particular, your space must have enough lighting so that you can work without damaging your eyes.

Storage furniture must be practical, that is to say not be too low or too high for example. Also consider having a desk with drawers to access essentials quickly. If this is not possible, there is also furniture to place directly under the desks.

Best inspirations for a design and stylish office space

Office inspiration for the super bright office

Imagine an all-glass loft-style office space with a smooth, American-style concrete floor. Choose a modern glass desk, white or a table with trestles. Decorate it with objects from your artist friends; frame, sculpture, painting… That’s it, do you see yourself there?

Office Trends 2023: The Result Of Connection With Nature Is A Welcoming Aesthetic With Faraway Feels

Office ideas 2023: the dark designer desk

Do you want an office worthy of a lawyer or notary like in the “Suits” series? Then you need walls painted in a dark color, a solid wood desk, a library overflowing with books, a Chesterfield-style armchair, a green banker’s lamp and dim lighting!

Who says Scandinavian says simplicity and minimalism. A design office space in a Scandinavian style will only have the bare minimum necessary for your well-being at work. color side; we like white and natural colors.

A few notes of black are, on the other hand, welcome to enhance the design side of the room. In terms of materials, we favor light wood and metal. On the furniture side, we like the clean lines and with storage

Office decor 2023: the cozy office

For a trendy, modern but ultra warm workspace, reassuring accessories and elements are essential. Do you like to read? Set up a large library that goes from floor to ceiling with perfectly ordered books!

Office Trends 2023: The Result Of Connection With Nature Is A Welcoming Aesthetic With Faraway Feels

Want softness under your feet? Are you worried that your designer office will look cold? Lay out a carpet, it will bring warmth to your room. To feel at your best in this space, display objects that you like: bookends, lamps, stationery accessories, clocks… Pay great attention to all these small objects.

Colors have an undeniable influence on our performance, productivity and mood. Enhancing office spaces with an appropriate choice of colors contributes both to our well-being and to the quality of our work.

Those who surround themselves with pleasant colors at home or in the office are more creative and balanced. A room with harmonious colors has the power to increase the pleasure of working. Want to know the best color combinations at the office trends 2023? We tell you everything!

Office decor 2023: Find the right mural for your office

Do you have a home office or just a work corner in your living room? Wonderful, you are free to choose the design and colors that delight you the most! It doesn’t matter if your home office only takes up a corner in the living room, bedroom or even in the hallway. It does not matter if it is chic, with a secretary, or if it is apart.

Office Trends 2023: The Result Of Connection With Nature Is A Welcoming Aesthetic With Faraway Feels

Used well, colors in your workspace will motivate and increase your productivity! Rooms that are consciously designed in color are usually more compelling and give off an energizing vibe.

If you invest in color design in your office or work corners, you are doubly a winner. Two birds with one stone: you improve your working environment and the atmosphere in your home!

A calm color space with accented areas guarantees a harmonious whole. No matter the place ! Color accents also enliven communal, often monotonous offices. Even if the existing design is not really your style, with custom accessories you can achieve a very nice effect in your workplace.

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Office Trends 2023: The Result Of Connection With Nature Is A Welcoming Aesthetic With Faraway Feels
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