Small home office ideas

While furnishing an apartment or house, many people neglect such an important room as the home office. However, a separate room decorated in special style perfectly suits for housework. No matter how much area will be dedicated to home office.

Main thing is that owner must find peace and solitude in that room. Moreover, home office design should have interior, which is stylish discreet, configured to work. Today we will discuss small home office ideas.



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Home office location in house

Before you develop home office design, you need to decide its location in house. Don’t place it in corridor, near kids’ room and frequently visited areas, otherwise noise and bustle around will distract from work process.

Small home office wall design

Home office is a place for long and concentrated work. Nothing in home office design shouldn’t distract from work, especially bright colors. They excite nervous system and interfere with concentration. Because walls play very important role in creating home office decor, they should be designed first and foremost.

For small home office wall design preferable to use light colors: they visually increase space of small room. It could be shades of white, beige and brown. Psychologists believe that yellow helps to concentrate, so it will also be appropriate in home office decor. Dark colors, especially blue, are not recommended: the grim atmosphere doesn’t contribute productive work and negatively affects vision.




Small home office furniture

If space is limited for home office, furniture should be functional, occupy less space as possible and don’t impede free movement. Table is mandatory attribute for small home office. Classic interior suggests large wooden table with drawers, but it’s not an option for small home office. Furniture in light shades and homogeneous alignment along walls will visually enlarge the space.



How to improve atmosphere of working area?

Don’t hesitate to expose the diplomas and certificates. Arrange them on single wall or simply place the shelves. Getting on eyes, they will remind your successes and motivate to achieve new ones.

Aquariums and ornamental plants will perfectly fit in small home office. Modern designers offer a variety of unusual solutions, for example, built-in sofa aquarium or a mini-lawn, planted directly on the table.

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Thinking through small home office ideas, you must be guided by the basic rules: don’t pile up already limited space with unnecessary items and stick to calm colors. Properly designed home office will make working hours enjoyable and productive.

We hope that these small home office ideas will be useful.

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Small home office ideas
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