Office trends 2018: Office design ideas for this season


Office trends 2018 bring almost home coziness to working place. To be honest, habitual small cubicle structured offices, sometimes seemed claustrophobic nightmare in reality, were often stress causes by themselves. Modern office decor expels traditional boring working space vision! First that trend reflected by progressive IT-companies office design ideas, included rest, sports, music, collaboration zones and fully liberal working places. Their productivity sharp increase proved: office atmosphere coziness and freedom make wonders!

Office-trends-2018-office-design-ideas-modern-office-decor-office trends 2018

Let’s learn from successful companies experience in our «Office trends 2018: Office design ideas» article.

Modern office decor: Furniture, materials

Office trends 2018 make furniture just serve whole philosophic designing concepts we’ll list little later. But here’s some common features and tendencies’ list.

  • Pay attention on natural, safe materials most – take care of employees health!

Natural-materials-Office-trends-2018-office-design-ideas-modern-office-decor-office trends 2018

  • Add soft, little “domestic” armchairs with high orthopedic backrest.

Soft-furniture-Office-trends-2018-office-design-ideas-modern-office-decor-office trends 2018

  • Office tables should be large and space saving – with useful built-in cabinets.

Desks-Office-trends-2018-office-design-ideas-modern-office-decor-modern office decor

  • Unusual tables’ shapes are welcomed!
  • “Long” tables used for collaboration concept realizing.
  • Forget about boring stuff! Bright colors, metallic and neon surfaces enrich modern office decor!

Bright-Office-trends-2018-office-design-ideas-modern-office-decor-modern office decor

Office design ideas; Main office trends 2018

Welcome home!

Home comfort elements remove superfluous stressors. Office trends 2018 bring collaboration and free communication with new space organization. Employees who were forced to run for advice from one part to another should be grateful to you!

Add useful domestic things: coffee machine, shelves for cups, etc.

Even if you’ve saved traditional cubicles, let employees showing creativity, adding something individual. Here you can use some unusual, “home” furniture.

Home-comfort-Office-trends-2018-office-design-ideas-modern-office-decor-modern office decor

Wellness and psychological comfort

Sport equipment, massage armchairs, corners with music instruments – all these becomes inseparable from successful companies’ offices! And gives great ideas for individual modern office decor! Add stylish arrows for good orientation, if your office is large.

Wellness-Office-trends-2018-office-design-ideas-modern-office-decor-Office design ideas

Biophilic design

Biophilic design is trendy life-affirming concept, making ideal balance between technologies and ecology, human and nature. Our friends – live plants come to modern office decor bringing comfort, productivity and health!

Biophilic-Office-trends-2018-office-design-ideas-modern-office-decor-Office design ideas

Hopefully, our «Office trends 2018: Office design ideas» article made you try new great liberal office design!

Office-trends-2018-office-design-ideas-modern-office-decor-Office design ideas

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