Interior design trends 2017: Boho bedroom

Home decor trends 2017 include styles and elements with their own philosophy and interesting history. Growing popularity of Boho room decor is explained not only by it’s beauty and universality, but by it’s unique contemporary conception also. Boho style name Continue reading Interior design trends 2017: Boho bedroom

Bedroom decorating ideas: Scandinavian bedroom

Rarely one can remain indifferent to Scandinavian interior style. Originating in the XIX century in North Europe this trend has gained special recognition in 1950s. While Europe was economically and morally exhausted by the Second World War, there was formed Continue reading Bedroom decorating ideas: Scandinavian bedroom

Shabby chic bedroom

Perhaps anyone who has area of an apartment or house, which is more than one room, thinks about making the most cozy and comfortable interior design. Because, as you know, relax is pleasant after a busy working days exactly in Continue reading Shabby chic bedroom

Bedroom design ideas 2017

Making the bedroom is both: very interesting and responsible process, where everyone waits for a certain effect from the results of their activities. Some people need a quiet relaxing atmosphere, that will promote rest and sleep, and some people want Continue reading Bedroom design ideas 2017