Scandinavian interior 2020

Stylistics involves the use of cool shades (gray, white, blue) with a couple of yellow accents. Light, wooden elements, unplastered brick, fireplace and animal skin on the floor emphasize the Nordic energy, Scandinavian interior 2020 and natural “wildness” of the atmosphere ….

Scandinavian interior 2020 is very practical for your hause and living room. Everything that is inside an apartment or house should have some kind of functional value, and everything that is superfluous needs to be removed.

In Scandinavian interior, much attention should be paid to the use of light and color shades. Mostly these are natural muted tones and environmentally friendly materials with a minimum use of ornament. Walls are most often painted in white, light cian and cool gray.

The text is colorful, making bright accents in bright Scandinavian interior 2020.

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