Teen boys bedroom ideas

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When choosing teen boys room decor, primarily should be noted important criteria such as:

  • Functionality
  • Practicality
  • Originality
  • Attractiveness

Thinking over teen boys bedroom ideas, consider the availability of areas for work, sleep and rest, which can serve as bed or sofa bed. Working area, including a desk, bookshelves and cabinets, accepted to dispose at most illuminated point, i.e. either directly by the window or next to it, while not forgetting to provide the child with enough lighting for evening work. Many believe that general lighting in teen boys room decor is enough for this purpose, and forget about table lamps, making a big mistake. Armoires are better to replace with light, spacious and comfortable shelves, which can be positioned not only in the working part of teen boys room, but also on bed at sufficient height. Desk should be chosen so that it could be necessary have place for computer, but also that does not prevent him from doing homework. Corner table will suit best for this purpose.

New-teen-bedroom-ideas- teen-boys-room-décor

Place for recreation may include sports equipment for active rest at home like dumbbells, adjusting weight and boxing pear. If a boy likes to spend more time with books than with dumbbell, you can place a comfortable couch for him, and if necessary to save space just combine it with sleeping area. In any case, it’s necessary to keep adequate free space for kid’s active play at home. Furniture in teen boys room should not be cumbersome and too pretentious. The amount furniture in teen boys room decor is better to reduce to the necessary minimum: desk with a chair, several original bookshelves, bed, chest of drawers for clothes and shelves for personal belongings. Do not overload teen boys room with technics. Computer and small TV set will be quite. Colors of personal space for boys usually seem rather bleak, although it can easily be diluted with pleasant shades of green, yellow, blue and red. Furniture for teen boys room better to choose in light colors like walnut or cream.

Photos below will show more detailed presentation of teen boys bedroom ideas and teen boys room decor, containing quite simple and original ideas and options of room design for two teenagers.

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New-teen-bedroom-ideas- teen-boys-room-décor-9 New-teen-bedroom-ideas- teen-boys-room-décor-10 New-teen-bedroom-ideas- teen-boys-room-décor-11 Teen-boys-bedroom-ideas-teenage-bedroom-ideas Teen-boys-bedroom-ideas-teenage-bedroom-ideas-1 Teen-boys-bedroom-ideas-teenage-bedroom-ideas-2 Teen-boys-bedroom-ideas-teenage-bedroom-ideas-3 Teen-boys-bedroom-ideas-teenage-bedroom-ideas-4 Teen-boys-bedroom-ideas-teenage-bedroom-ideas-5 Teen-boys-bedroom-ideas-teenage-bedroom-ideas-6 Teen-boys-bedroom-ideas-teenage-bedroom-ideas-7 Teen-boys-bedroom-ideas-teenage-bedroom-ideas-8 Teen-boys-bedroom-ideas-teenage-bedroom-ideas-9 Teen-boys-bedroom-ideas-teenage-bedroom-ideas-10

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