Teen room 2019: Different and unique options for any taste

Have your children left the period of playing with bunnies, cars or princesses? So, it is time to repair their room. Internet magazine «House design» will tell you what will be the most stylish and comfortable teen room 2019. So, let’s uncover together.

Teen room 2019: Rooms for girls and boys

Teen room 2019: Unique features

It is advisable to choose designer who will offer his/her own design project. Otherwise, you will hear the word of gratitude or listen to arguments from your children. Be sure, this is the best solution. To be a part of your life, be careful what you should do with your child’s room.

Teen room 2019: Teen room in Loft style

Now let’s see what kind of colored flower you need to look for in a separate space. To tell the truth, in children’s room it is possible to decorate with furniture an furniture may be ignored as well. All this information will allow you to upload your favorite photos to site, which you should post in specialized sites.

Teen room 2019: Teen room for girls

Teen room 2019: Choose bedroom deign for your boy

The absolute trend for designing the room of schoolboy is minimalist style. However, for you it may seem somehow boring. In this case, you can add few bright color accents to get more colorful design.

Teen room 2019: Teen room for boy: Electric blue high-tech design

Teen room 2019 can be performed in high-tech style, as well. This design especially will appeal to those boys, who are passionate towards latest technology trends.

Teen room 2019: Teen room for boys in Minimalist style

We strongly don’t advise you not to draw large computer or UFO on the walls. As he is no longer a child, and this kind of interior design is suitable for nursery schools.

Teen room 2019: Teen room for boys in shades of blue

 Bedroom for your girl

If your grown up princess has artistic nature, Boho or Maximalism design will be more suitable for her. Don’t resist your girl’s wish to fill the room with bright colors. Such kind of teen room 2019 should be furnished with non-standard furniture and decorated with textile and oriental or ethnic ornaments.

Teen room 2019: Teen room for girls in soft colors

Teenagers may also like teen room 2019 in Provence style. Creating such kind of design, try not to overdo it. It isn’t necessary to decorate the girl’s bedroom with pile of flowered textiles.

Teen room 2019: Room for girls in Provence style

Trendy color shades of teen room 2019 include blue and green colors and their hues. To create the right atmosphere is enough to use only one element with floral decoration. This can be on one of the walls, pasted over the wallpaper with a lavender pattern or Provence style bedspread. You can also use patina style furniture, painted in white or blue colors.

Teen room 2019: Teen room for girls in shades of pink


How to make teen room 2019 as comfortable as possible

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to allocate spacious room for your children. Parents often use as teen room warmed loggia. In order to make teen room 2019 not only attractive, but also comfortable, designers recommend to use multi functional furniture. Furniture models with built-in mechanism will suit, as well.

Teen room 2019: Comfortable room design

The most original solution is bed that rises up to ceiling and turns into a part of room decor. Multi-level layout will also look interesting. For instance, you can create high podium for bed, under which you can locate the wardrobe.

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