Teen room 2019: Newest ideas for teen room design (Photo + Videos)


Teen room 2019 designed for any space size, tastes and interests. Main features engineers, designers and careful parents should pay attention on are safety for health, competent space organization, functionality and teen’s self-expression. Teen’s interests and busyness enlarges with every year, so it’s your duty to take into account furniture’s convenience for spine, sport equipment safety in teen room design.

Let’s discuss it in our «Teen room 2019: Newest teen room design» article.

Teen room 2019: Small space organization

Competent teen bedroom ideas should transform small space into really stylish functional one.

  • Use built-in cabinets under bedding.

Cabinets-under-bedding-Teen-room-2019-teen-bedroom-ideas-teen-room-design-Teen room 2019

  • White enlarges space. If teen loves it, you’re welcomed to use Scandinavian style with bright spots.

Scandinavian-small-Teen-room-2019-teen-bedroom-ideas-teen-room-design-Teen room 2019

  • Shelves save space!

Shelves-for-small-Teen-room-2019-teen-bedroom-ideas-teen-room-design-Teen room 2019

  • Small teen room 2019 becomes multidimensional with good lighting! Add LED stripes – for visual enlarging, beauty and functionality.

Lighting-for-small-Teen-room-2019-teen-bedroom-ideas-teen-room-design-Teen room 2019

  • Add decorative stairs, accented with bright color.

Decorative-stairs-Teen-room-2019-teen-bedroom-ideas-teen-room-design-Teen room design

Teen room design 2019: Trendy ideas

Teen room 2019 combines best from kids’ and adults’ room trends with bit of rebellion.


Teen bedroom ideas base on functionality combination: it’s place for sleeping, hobbies, sports, studying and friends meetings. If space allows it, find «corners» for everything that! Make it stylish!

Hobby-corners-Teen-room-2019-teen-bedroom-ideas-teen-room-design-Teen room design

Boho and shabby chic gains popularity, especially for teen girls rooms.

Teen room 2019: Room Tour

Boho-and-Shabby-chic-Teen-room-2019-teen-bedroom-ideas-teen-room-design-Teen room design

Add few soft poufs, pillows, better knitted, right on floor. Friends’ meetings would become comfortable.

Teen room 2019: Room Makeover

Poufs-Teen-room-2019-teen-bedroom-ideas-teen-room-design-Teen room design

Thematic rooms, fantasy ones will stay popular in 2019.

Fantasy-Teen-room-2019-teen-bedroom-ideas-teen-room-design-Teen room design

Teen room 2019: Furniture

Use orthopedic bed and chairs! Organize lighting for studying place – light should go by left hand.

Your teen is fond of music? Pay attention on few moments. Working place organization should be even more thorough! If he loves sports, equipment should be securely fixed!

Musician-Teen-room-2019-teen-bedroom-ideas-teen-room-design-Teen room design

Hobbies should become great inspiration for teen bedroom in 2019!

Polka dot patterns become popular, but teens room needs bright interpretations. For example, adding it on ceiling.

Polka-dot-for-Teen-room-2019-teen-bedroom-ideas-teen-room-design-teen bedroom ideas

Use cool street art, if teen likes that.

Street-art-Teen-room-2019-teen-bedroom-ideas-teen-room-design-teen bedroom ideas

Hopefully, our  «Teen room 2019: Newest teen room design» article should help you make your teenager happy with greatest room ever!

Teen-room-2019-teen-bedroom-ideas-teen-room-design-Teen room 2019

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